CatchTwentyTwo Takes The Next Step On New Track "U Didn’t Let Me Know"

CatchTwentyTwo is a Broward County act that has a disparate sound when it comes to his music — infusing his listeners with different styles and melodies along the way. Having the ability to produce and record his music in the comfort of his home is what makes this artist a true musician to its full extent.

Releasing tracks such as “Solar Flare” and “Runaway,” he consistently comes through with that consistent flow and harmony that is impeccable to say the least. 

On his newest release “U Didn’t Let Me Know” the Florida talent takes an evolutionary leap in the construction of his signature sound.

The track begins with a melancholy type of beat going onto the vocals having a sorrowful sound within the track. The entire song is beautifully set up, with his dark flow perfectly corresponding with his vocal delivery. 

Another eye-catching part of this track occurs towards its end, with the added disconnected phone call serving as a perfect conclusion. This aspect adds to the overall mournful thematic tones of the song as a whole. 

This track all but proves that CatchTwentyTwo is an unmissable talent — one that is doing everything he can to elevate his sound to reach his inevitable next level.