Catching up With Phantom Caine

Phantom Caine is somewhat of a SoundCloud feel good story. A veteran of his craft, he built his career off a string of (many now deleted) solid releases which his most noticeable being “Misery” which has gardened over a million streams on SoundCloud alone. We got the opportunity to speak with Caine about his plans for the year, what it was like growing up in Canada, and his beginnings with music.

Where are you from and how old are you?

I’m from Ottawa, Canada. Currently 23 years old. 

What’s it been like growing up there?

I’m glad to have been born in a great country such as Canada. Ottawa is okay, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. Something about the people. A lot of people are like sour and bitter, nobody is usually happy to see someone do something outside a normal lane you know. I feel Toronto does a great job accepting the cultures and musicians they currently have. They are more of a connected community.

What were your early music experiences like? 

Man, I used to always listen to music in the house and in the car with my parents. Radio shit though like Akon and Backstreet Boys. A lot of music videos too I’d come home from school and put cable right away. The videos were just different and exciting I guess. I always loved music but I haven’t always been musically inclined. Took time to develop.

How did you initially start making your own music? 

Honestly, I just bought a laptop and stole a microphone. Had Apple earbuds and just began trying to learn FL Studio as much as I could before making the jump to Pro Tools. Fuck, Pro Tools though they broke my heart so many times by fucking up my sessions. Producers, engineers and artists can certainly relate to that feeling. 

What are your plans for 2020?

Just go harder than anyone else in the city at least. I am too. I’ve slept in the studio the last 3 days ordering Uber Eats and just recording. Living off 4 hours of sleep a night making 20 songs a day. There’s nobody doing that because it’s insanity.

Has COVID-19 affected any plans for you?

I stay inside mostly anyways cause fuck everybody. I care about music. I’m not into doing mad drugs or partying or turning up with random hoes anymore. I’m just focused on my craft like the world could fall apart and I’d just be on the microphone trying to make another song. Nobody on the outside world even gets back to me like I barely pay attention to news outlets and social media anyways. It’s all negative.

How do you think your EP release went?

Good. Did everything I could, I know somebody will feel 1 song on that project. It’s all real shit. 

What was it like making that project?

It’s all real events and things I personally went through. If you heard it then it happened to me. You don’t get much authenticity these days. I’m not even flexing in some songs. I’m talking about the mental health side of things and just slowly slipping away from life. I guess people glorify having mental health issues these days it’s kinda stupid. You never want to stay in that dark spot . Anyone who glorifies that is a clown and should literally get help because that’s just not fun.

Do you have a favorite song off of it?

I like “Runaway” the intro song. It’s just real and I didn’t think about it too much. I wrote it and everything came together so nicely.

What are your next plans after this project?

I’m already working on “Phantom: Become Human” another project set to drop before 2020 ends. It’s all just straight hits and bops. Crying in auto-tune was more emotional and sad. There’s no like “hits” on it, it’s just something you feel in your chest, you know? I’m going to take a few days off my phone too and just enjoy my life man. I’ve been on Instagram all day every day trying to spread word of the project. Shit wack and draining. 

What is your artistic process like? How long does it particularly take for you to make a song?

Depends on my mood like I’ll knock out a song in 10 minutes if I’m not thinking too deeply about it. If I want to add extra stuff or really focus on what I’m saying I’ll sit down to write it and that usually takes about a hour to knock out. 

What keeps you making music? Do you have any overall goals?

I was like dead silent for almost a year. I kept seeing dudes come out and suck ass like complete garbage. It’s annoying, people making the same music with no purpose. I guess it was that fire in me that came back. I popped off years ago for a reason so everything kinda came back and I became like a machine just so hungry to knock everybody off the tracks like nobody fucking with me or my work ethic at all. I’m really about that.

What are you doing if you aren’t making music? What keeps you going in life besides music?

Spending time with my family and going to the gym. I like to read and watch anime too. Video games, hanging with my closest friends too. I like being outside and just appreciating my life you know? I’m very connected.

Who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Dean Martin , XXXTentacion, Tory Lanez, 2Pac, Travis Scott.

Any last words or shout-outs before we sign off? 

The lord is my shepherd. God is the greatest. Love my family, shout-out the guys Trae, Jordan, Zach, Dev, Patty, Tino, Cino and everyone who helped contribute to this project.