Amidst a sea of tumult, 2020 has been a very rewarding year for PG County rapper Since99. Noted for his distinctive enunciation, clever punchlines, and hard-hitting beat selection, Since99 burst onto the scene with, “Immaculate,” a collaboration with Based Nas. It wasn’t long until the self-described, “guapsexual,” became the subject of a multitude of memes, most of which corresponded with adulation due to his one-of-a-kind flow. The rapper attempts to capitalize on his recent success with, “Get It Crackin.” Aided by a bevvy of punchy 808’s and a straightforward piano melody courtesy of Jenry, Since99 is firmly in his pocket on the track, showcasing the same confidence, humor, and acuity that sparked his initial success.

The track starts off in an ominous fashion, sporting a deeply minimalist, yet effective piano melody. The piano sets the tone for the whole track, and firmly establishes a sense of grit that seamlessly compliments Since99’s lyrics. At the drop, a trunk-rattling 808 enters the mix, accompanied by a crisp clap and the occasional open hat. At the seventh bar, a tense organ line enters the mix, adding an additional layer of suspense to the track. A slick hat pattern subsequently provides the beat with additional bounce, followed by a dynamic kick 8 bars later. With regards to Since99, he immediately showcases his propensity for sidesplitting putdowns and self-assured boasts with the tracks opening bar:

He saw his first thousand off a stimulus // Pull up long range shooting limitless 

He makes use of a swift triplet flow for most of the track, which – despite its consistent utilization for the duration of the track – fails to lose its flair due to its ability to weave between the track’s production. The amount of ear-catching bars laced throughout the remainder of the track are difficult to keep track of. These include a multitude of references to obscure former NBA players, which despite their ambiguity, add a refreshing touch due to their ability to deviate from the typical NBA references employed by most rappers.

All in all, “Get It Crackin” is a welcome addition to Since99’s discography, and serves as another marker of his astonishing consistency and novel approach to lyricism. Jenry’s production suits the track perfectly, and provides ample space for Since99 to quickly flow throughout. In an increasingly saturated genre, Since99 has found a way to stand out, and one can only hope that he continues to add to his entertaining, charismatic, and uncompromising catalog for years to come.