Neilaworld’s newest project eradicates any and all negative connotations surrounding bedroom producers. The five-song EP entitled “From Neilaworld, With Love” may come from a place of endearment, but by the end of its runtime, it will have made a defiant statement to all its listeners: this group is completely of its own.

The relatively straightforward project began from an equally straightforward place. Fadedblackid – the group’s de facto leader – requested songs from his producers and whittled down the selection to five songs. After two months of receiving tracks via email he arrived at a project totaling 10 minutes and 50 seconds.

Initiated with no set theme in mind, Fadedblackid manages to arrange a project with magnetic cohesiveness. The chemistry between members and audio tracks reinforces the decision to have each supporting creative on the roster. This energy is emitted the very second the cursor releases the play button.

As soon as the opener “American Dad” hits, the listener is met with a gritty synth and skipping hi-hat run. Then accompanied by staccato adlibs reminiscent of a weapon, David Shawty starts his nonchalant hook. Lil Turbo then bursts in off the momentum of Shawty’s last line, as his gravelly voice compliments the synthesized instruments and breaks up the song tastefully. Madara follows suit of Turbo and pops off after a second David Shawty hook.

The track “Star Life” follows, and is as vibrant as the project gets. It focuses on the arpeggiation of higher-pitched synth notes to create similar ones to the original chord in both an ascending and descending order. Stickgonbang’s slurring vocals are layered in bending instruments similar to whooping vocals or soothing sirens, and his melodic and airy delivery of lyrics marries this piece effortlessly.

Located in the middle of the project, “Who” proves to be its most laid back offering in full. The mostly instrumental-based track creates a sensation of uneasiness in its lead melody and onward. Similar to the other mixing aspects across the tape, 10cellphones’ punch-ins maintain listener engagement throughout the song.

“Subliminal” contains crisp vocals from Neilaworld contest winner 404vincent. The young upstart begins his verse as the percussion drops out and melodically raps the highest notes as the full percussion comes back in. This technique ensures the highest energy is saved for the middle of the track as the climax, creating an entirely cohesive experience.

“ITACHii” ends the tape with warping instruments, knocking 808 drums, and reoccurring lyrical motifs. SEBii highlights this track with his signature vocal delivery in full, with the instrumental working in ideally aside of his performance, rather than against it. Its spacious and lofty tones are a perfect closer to a project that practically defines the word “atmospheric.”

The wall-to-wall quality that this project exudes should be a clear-cut sign that Neilaworld as a whole is tired of being looked over day in and day out. Through its art and design, its process and rollout, and most importantly, through its unmatched musical content, this project is something of a wake up call to everyone who simply hears that iconic tag for what it is and nothing more; it is time to give credit where credit is due, and there is no better project to begin that appreciative mindset with than what they came through with right here.