Rozz Dyliams’s new EP Tardive Dyskinesia contains invigorating production, elaborate lyrics, original flows, and fresh content. The project is a conglomeration of messages on each track that all lead down a rabbit hole to decipher. 

The name of the project is the medical term tardive dyskinesia, which is a side effect of antipsychotic medications that cause uncontrollable facial and body movements. The title of the project ties in with repeated references to mental health and well being on all the tracks. The subject of expression in the lyrics are about love, depression, mental health, and thoughts of suicide, but it is all described in a way that makes it easy to listen to and hard to notice if you’re not paying close attention to what is actually said.

On the first song Lawly, produced by Cryst & Slavery, a repetive yet effective melody utilizes a gun cocking for percussion, and drums that smack on top of it. It pulls you in with great lyricism and music, and begins to lay out a lot of the theme set to unfold lyrically throughout the songs. Big themes are easy to develop for an EP when concepts are chunked into songs and listened to start to finish. Yet each song on this EP can be understood and felt on a deeper level individually.

The first reference in Lawly to what the title pertains is, “Dylan walk up in the function off of something don’t embarrass me. I can do it on my own in my zone going super stupid doo doo dumb I think I need some therapy.” This song and the second song Rope Knot contain lyrics that reference a lack of understanding from others about the struggle one faces with mental health issues, and how it feels like no one is listening. The cry for help across these songs is more than music, and the emotion in the song is heartfelt.

In song two, Rope Knot, produced by jaguarclaw & slavery, gives site of combat in struggling with mental health issues like depression and suicidal thoughts, “It’s hard to find a reason where it makes sense enough to still be here. I hate it here and I don’t even care. I’d rather say I did my best and walk into the woods and feed a bear.” The poetic nature of these lyrics merge beauty and tragedy in a way that resonates. 

Rozz continues later on in the song with, “Everyday I’m just reminded nothing’s permanent except a dreary dullness of a constant motion blur effect. Drug addiction doesn’t help it only worsens it cause when I sober up I’m just reminded of how worse it is. I ain’t doing good but you ain’t even gotta look. Life panned out like a Kawabota book.” 

The honesty in the words paint on the bigger picture that the EP itself is conveying about the mental and physical side effects endured. The reference to the Pulitzer Prize winning writer Kawabota is that the author’s books contain anything but happy endings. The metaphor that Rozz’s life ended up like a Kawabota book is in reference to the suffering the characters faced.

The lyrical openness about drug addiction pops up again in the song  Jane, where Rozz says, “Everywhere that Dylan goes, Dylan playing with his nose. So cold with it that I bet his brain froze. He was speaking gibberish when I was at one of his shows.” 

Rozz Dyliams raps about feelings, effects, and thoughts that stem from the side effects suffered. The music is the vehicle to deliver the message of making a positive out of something that would otherwise be a negative. Through this form of self-expression, it builds awareness for something one struggles with, talks about, and gives light to a condition that two-hundred thousand people deal with a year. The overall message in the music can benefit more just those that struggle with mental health issues. 

The description of a scene or setting in the songs add sentiment to self-expression, in consideration to the fact that Rozz Dyliams raps about the roughness of life, how it makes one feel in a way that is usually unavoidable, and therefore, must be dealt with and expressed through some means. The iteration of the lyrics streamline with clarity and make the ideas tangible and real enough that anyone could experience these things.

More than the telling of the struggle is how song three Deseret, produced by prettyheartbreak & lederrick, lends a window into the mindset of love, and shows the story of letting love pass by, how beauty fades, and how mistakes get made, and before you know it, you’re already old. This insight provides more light to the fact that more variables are always at play for why someone is depressed or struggling.

Self-awareness is essential in addressing the bigger issues of mental health. Rozz Dyliams Tardive Dyskinesia is an exploration of emotions, occurrences, and relationships, which is an appreciation for a deeper listening experience. 

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