North Carolina native Belis has been a talent to watch for some time now, and her most recent single Rich Man is a perfect example of why. On her first release since her “Say Why U Luv Me 2” EP she exhibits a commanding and powerful voice above a booming, space-age beat produced by Angelus and The Martianz. The Neilaworld rapper floats effortlessly over the futuristic and intertwining synths that comprise the beat, delivering bars upon bars that never fall out of place. There is a sinister vibe to the song, as if Belis knows something you don’t, but as she directs her attention to the competition – almost talking down – she proves she has nothing to worry about. 

Structurally, this song does not pull any punches. As soon as the eerie intro is done it is off to the races with a foundation laying 808 upon which Belis delivers her first silky chorus. “Don’t look at me like I won’t fuck your shit up” she puts out, sounding serious but also playful the whole time. She proclaims that this year is her year, taking her role as the Rich Man. Without slowing down the chorus sends you into the first verse where Belis sets aim on distractions keeping her down and the games people play (despite the known fact she is an 8 Ball pool shark). 

The Bridge is where the song begins to lighten up instrumentally, but lyrically remains strong. In a catchy refrain Belis talks about her team and her “dogs” to whom she tosses her less important tasks – including handling “plotting hoes”.   It is a quick break as the chorus comes in strong right after as another reminder of who’s year this is.

The second verse is most specific, calling out those amongst the underground who can be described as fake. Taking issue with the lack of connection these people hold expresses where she has her focus. It is significant it is more than one line as well, the entire verse seems to call out the “fake” behavior. 

Overall, this is a continuation of successful and powerful singles Belis has dropped. along with an eye-catching cover drawn by Isaiae Cruz. Though it has been some time since her last release, Belis has not rushed the listener with a flurry of new, thrown together content but instead taken her time and improved her craft. This release is a testament to her delivery, her melodicism, and flow,  but beyond that it is a product of her ability to meld with the beat and create a structurally sound and catchy song.