Davy Joseph is as much of an artist as he is a veteran in every sense of both words. His whole platform is not only a way to promote his music, but also to reach out to fellow veterans who also use music as an outlet for their emotions. 

His latest project entitled Pelagian contains ten tracks that make for an emotional odyssey backdropped by soft guitar. His voice is both soft and full of power at the same time which evokes a feeling of nostalgia in the listener. If one is to go on a long car ride this project is the perfect listen because it’s upbeat enough to jam out to but also can put you in your feelings as well. 

The producers on this project, Taylor Morgan, Heavy Empty, Nox, Lokel, Saint Tomorrow, and Brody all enhance the sound of each song.

The song “Paint The Waves” is one of the best tracks on the project simply because it is simple yet also filled with so much raw vulnerability that pairs together quite well. The only instrument in this song is a guitar which is quite different from a lot of tracks that exist in the scene where the beats or instrumentals are typically much more complicated. No 808 pattern is going to carry this artist, his voice being the only thing that can move the song along which takes talent. 

The song “Chair” with Taylor Morgan also follows the same effect as “Paint the Waves,” with the artist’s voice being at the forefront of the track. It rolls into a listener’s ears easily but when you listen to the lyrics it also strikes a chord of sadness within a person’s heart. 

In conclusion, this artist is not only heavily underrated but also has a heart for philanthropy and a vision that extends outside of music. Although this artist sounds different from a lot of music in the scene, this is a good thing in this case because it makes him stand out rather than sink in the over-saturated world of the underground. The simple vulnerability and honesty of this artist is refreshing to see rather than someone who is starved for validation and clout. Overall, not only is there talent present here, but also a full and direct goal — an admirable quality to have without a doubt.