The recent project from Convolk entitled ANTIHERO is an extraordinary concoction of elements from the rising act. The first track “Swear to God” is an emotionally charged piece of art in sound form. 

The vocal transitions and effects on the vocals are incredibly well done; the amount of attention to detail expressed in the production matches the natural key of the vocals, and the engineering on the mix and master take this track to the next level. 

A glazed guitar spreads 360 degrees around a steady reese bass and glorious high notes. They transition into the chorus, while the drums layer and the melody create a sonic hammock for the vocals to lay on. A quick pause introduces Convolk’s passionate vocal delivery with a full body of sound. 

The melodious elements are goosebump-inducing, and contain honest and genuine lyrics. The assertions made on the song begin with “I swear to god” and contain myriad messages after such as “…that it’s all in the making… rather die than disgrace it… if I try imma make it.” 

All of these lyrics are admirable in their own respect; in a way, they are both vows to the game and a commitment to putting time, energy, and effort into growing and developing. The sentiment behind the lyrics are representative of the vulnerability Convolk displays in the music. 

The song stands out as the near yelling vocals transition into a softer breakdown, then the track wraps up with the chorus again.