Atlanta’s own Tony Shhnow is on an absolute hot streak right now. His most recent project, Dis Should Hold U Over was released on May 10th, to welcome reception. The project showcased Shhnow’s unique cadence, stellar ear for production, and ability to craft a cohesive project. Days after this release, Shhnow has returned with “No Shows Freestyle” — an angelic, trap-flavored track full of palpable debonair and syncopated flows. 

Produced by Shhnow himself – with some help from Popstar Benny – the track sees Shhnow at his most innovative, utilizing his signature tone over distinct trap production while working outside of the bounds of typical trap tropes.

The track starts off with isolated playback of its primary loop, a silky vocal sample with shimmering chimes and celestial violins. A steady snap quickly enters the mix, followed by a heavy-handed 808. A subtle shaker provides the track with additional groove. The 808 pattern lays the basis for the track’s rhythmic distinction, exclusively hitting in the midst of the second, third, and fourth beat of every bar, followed by a half step repetition following the fourth beat. This a unique approach to drum programming, and provides the track with an inventive edge. 

With the exception of a subtle snare and rim show, the track is generally devoid of drums, allowing for the primary sample and Shhnow’s vocals to take melodic precedence without having to compete with a bevy of kicks and snares. 

With regards to Shhnow’s performance, his tone perfectly contrasts the track’s saccharine production, and his flows intricately fill the rhythmic pockets left by the 808’s sparsity. His lyrics are self-assured and charismatic, comprised of braggadocious punchlines and critiques of his opposition. This is evident when he says:

She say ‘You look like the money,’ I say ‘Yeah I know’ // If you ain’t comin’ with no check, you get X no O

All in all, “No Shows Freestyles” thrives in its eccentric rhythmic approach and Shhnow’s confident performance. The idiosyncrasy of the track’s 808 pattern commands the attention of the listener’s ear, along with the beautiful sample looped throughout. If Shhnow continues to showcase his talents as he did with this track, he is sure to sustain his aforementioned hot streak for the foreseeable future.