From electrifying pop anthems to bubblegum trap ballads, the Soundcloud standout puts forth his best project to date foreshadowing his impending takeover to come.

Time and time again, Los Angeles based artist Eyekeem seems to always deliver luminescent and experimental music that showcases his versatility like no other in the underground. Through his collaborations with the legendary Charlie Shuffler and the late Hella Sketchy, Eyekeem has ascended greatly since his early beginnings in 2016 with the quality of his releases improving after each subsequent drop. From early hits like “Gasolina” and “Piped Up” (which have amassed millions of plays across streaming platforms) to his Infinite EP, Eyekeem’s growth cannot be understated. 

This sentiment is especially embodied within his latest EP *Uploading… that showcases Eyekeem coming into his own as he galvanizes his affinity for bubblegum trap and pop punk into a truly unique sound. Not to mention that the EP also features standout production from all over the underground including Neilaworld’s Lifted and Lukrative alongside his partner in crime Charlier Shuffler.

From the beginning, the project’s Microsoft XP inspired cover imbues a sense of nostalgia sonically akin to the prevalent Myspace era of music of its time that maintains an overarching presence throughout the EP. Drawing upon these eclectic influences, Keem’s vocals glide over the Cloverbeats produced intro track “Pretend”, where he delineates his appreciation for his Saint Laurent shoes as well as the overall killstreak he’s on with his music. As the EP progresses, Keem’s touches upon topics such as upgrading from Stussy to Gucci signifying the hard work and determination he’s put in to attain his current status.

 He proceeds to discuss more profound concepts like depression and romantic escapades that are ultimately neutralized by his commitment to the almighty dollar. He hones in on this concept in his Charlie Shuffler produced track “Come With Me” where he raps, “I told that b*tch she cannot come with me/She see the bag/said she wanna hop in” expressing where his priorities are in his life whilst onlookers prey on his success.

Overall, Uploading… showcases Eyekeem’s versatility in subject matter and experimentation at its fullest while demonstrating his innate affinity for pop that caters his potential for fame in the future. If Keem continues on the killstreak he’s currently on, his potential for stardom will soon be realized. Subsequent to the release of the EP, Eyekeem dropped his comprehensive deluxe version of the project that is double in length with more heavyweight production from FadedBlackid, Teddi Hendrix, Heartbreak, and Dontsleep. Through making the EP more in-depth and extensive, Keem shifts the project’s feel into that of an LP, which impressively delivers more of the calculated pop anthems that will continually have listeners coming back for more.