Maryland’s own EmorySoFye is not one to release tracks on a frequent basis. Before his latest drop, it had been a grueling three months since he released “Can’t Lose Focus,” a psychoactive track produced by GeeohhS and Gardial. However, despite the large gaps in his releases, Emory’s releases are never lackluster, evident by his most recent effort, “Starting to Understand.”

Produced by Astroo, the track evokes a keen sense of youthfulness, accented by Emory’s spry tone and Astroo’s misty melodies. Featuring a smooth verse courtesy of Kwon, the track is perfectly dynamic, balancing the trancelike reprises of Astroo’s production with Emory and Kwon’s vocal variation.

The track starts off with a bevvy of punchy 808’s, accompanied by a mythical lead melody comprised of a faint pad and glossy bells. A subtle hat then enters the mix, followed by a crisp clap. The production sustains most of these elements throughout, but adds a variety of unique quirks in the track’s second half.

At the beginning of Kwon’s verse, an intoxicating lead enters the mix, providing just enough sonic disparity to maintain the listener’s attention. Additionally, an occasional snare and open hat provide the track with supplementary bounce. Lastly, near the track’s end, an elegant piano solo enters the mix, providing the track an unmatched nobility and grace.

With regards to Emory’s performance, his delivery is buoyant and tender, maintaining a relatively high pitch throughout. This tone perfectly accompanies the track’s melody, while maintaining enough contrast to preserve Emory’s prominence. His lyrics are charismatic and self-assured, and reinforce the track’s fantastical sonic themes.

As for Kwon’s performance, his suave nonchalance and bassy tone provide the track an adequate change of pace. His lyrical content is similar to Emory’s, evoking a cool headed confidence few artists are capable of communicating. Following a repetition of the track’s refrain and the aforementioned piano solo, the track concludes, putting an end to the euphoric fantasy the listener was placed in.

“Starting to Understand” sees all artists involved at their best. Astroo’s production is saccharine and blissful, immediately placing the listener in a surreal landscape. Emory’s performance is youthful, but robust, showcasing his talent for constructing unique melodies, and performing them in an equally unique tone. Kwon’s performance provides a welcomed change of pace, and provides the track an unparalleled suave and poise. All in all, “Starting to Understand” should help the listener understand the expanse of Emory’s talents, and his ability to create tracks that allow for the listener to momentarily escape reality.

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