Blanco Billions new project “Black Cherry Avenue” is an entire sonic adventure. The trail of sounds heard from start to finish are enough to listen on repeat.

The project’s title track leads the album off, and comes out with guns blazing. The heavy bass with the chopped beat tag are the catalyst to the big room synth that engulfs it, and morphs it into an unsuspected beat drop.

“Halfway” begins with a gorgeous guitar, and a melodic whistle follows in after. The sonic building blocks of percussion include the sound of droplets, accompanied by springy hats, and a steady kick and snare. New drums come in around the halfway point and give a whole new listening experience than from the beginning.

“Letters From Home” has a synth that chills in the background, while the rhythm is laid out by the outstanding percussion. The underlying bass adds groove, as the retro synthesizer is the concrete to keep these sounds together. This song sets the mood for any occasion.
A telling change of pace occurs within the tracklisting once “Trying” arrives, but at this point in the listening experience, it’s worth mentioning the apparent evolution of sound that has occurred. High synths start slow, with another great bass line and effective drums that rest well with the chopped vocals.
The guitar riffs on “Yesterday” stand out as heavenly, plain and simple. With plush percussion that poke in and out of the drums and airy guitar, it adds personality to the track. Another synth comes in and washes over the guitar in waves, which creates an undeniable ambience of chill, and finishes off this project strong.

This project feels unique, with an introduction of new sounds, ideas, and melodies. The synth work and guitar riffs that show up often throughout are paired well throughout the songs. The fusion of chill dance, hard hitting, and ambient sounds help encapsulate this project into something that can be listened to and appreciated by many.