Pdixxx has done shoots for key players in the community such as 6obby, Gizmo, and Convolk, and is certainly one to look out for compared to his contemporaries. We got the opportunity to speak to him about his career and much, much more.

So tell us about yourself, other than the fact you’re from New England.

Where to begin, my real name is Pat. I am originally from a city in New Hampshire called Manchester. nothing too special, pretty kosher area with not a lot things to do but I am glad I grew up there. I loved the lifestyle but I moved to San Francisco in 2015 to further my career in music and now live in Los Angeles.

Humble beginnings certainty. So second question, how long have you been in the underground scene for?

I have been on SoundCloud and shit since like Christmas of 2010. I remember I got in trouble for coming home high the night before from my parents and I had just gotten a MacBook for the first time in my life from working a restaurant job as a busser in high school. My parents grounded me for like a month and I found SoundCloud and the love for GarageBand that day and thought this is the way to get my shit out there finally. I had been in so many bands growing up and by that point. I was starting to really get into electronic music and making beats was something I wanted to learn. So I ended up making an account and began making really bad beats for friends in my town to use since Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & Orange Juice dropped that year, so that’s when everyone wanted to become a rapper. So it’s been about 10 years.

What has your favourite video you have ever shot been?

It’s a tie between “Fault” by Soap, “Deathwish” by convolk and  “Swervin” by Blossom Reynolds. I shot “Fault” with my friends last april, it was the first time we linked in real life and it just came out so perfect (the color grade & the locations). Same with “Deathwish” by convolk this video was so great because we did no scenes of him singing the lyrics it was all just random b-roll of him. The area around him was at this crazy state park outside of Berkeley, California. I shot it with my 4K camera and my drone but added a ton of projector overlays on it & grain to give it that old school VHS camera look. It fits the song so well. The “Swervin’” video with Blossom was so sick as well it was the first time we linked up in real life too. I did a quick pit stop in Columbus leaving Cincinnati to go to my friend SlimReaper’s house and I planned the whole story out literally 10 minutes before we filmed it and it came out so clutch and fit the song so well. I love making storyline videos. I actually haven’t done one in a while and really need to do more.

Explain to us more about what Gutter Records is. I know it’s your little passion project but I would love to hear your take on it.

It was something I started in late 2018, it was a YouTube channel I wanted to start posting some of my friends and artists’ music I really enjoyed as a means for them to receive more exposure and such. I also post old deleted music videos on there that I used to download on my iPhone 4 back in 2011-2014 of some old SoundCloud classics. The first upload I had on there was from a Xavier Wulf video for “The Last Jewel” that was deleted hours after it was posted by an OG videographer Loboloki (Rest In Peace to bro). I kind of been slacking on it the past 6 months because of how much video workload I’ve had but once I finally get through all of my work. I’m really going to start buckling down on it and get it to the point where it can be a household name.

Good to hear your direction. With that being said, I know you’re a part of AnotherLostCause. Tell us about that.

Oh man ALC are my family. They have been since late 2014. I was working with my friend Kay New up in Sacramento a lot and making beats for him as well as mixing his vocals and he was also using production from ALC founder Frander. Doing a collaboration project with this girl from Broward County called Esther and I became mad close with the both of them and Esther ended up asking me to join ALC shortly thereafter. We have added so many people since then its crazy. We are like a worldwide collective now it’s awesome, back then it was just everyone from Maryland and then me and Esther were the only two out of the area. They showed me so much love and still do to this day. I’m glad I finally got to meet them in May of 2018, we usually link up like 5 times a year since then.

What upcoming shoots do you have for the future?

I actually don’t have any plans right now because of the virus stuff that’s going on. I did shoot a video yesterday for my friend MaybeTomorrow/BetterOffDead at my house in my garage. I actually shot it and played drums in it and my other homie Dev John played guitar in it. It was so much fun (but we did practice social-distancing in the midst of the video for anyone out there that’s worried). I do have a bunch of videos I’m working on too right now. I got one with 6obby again, Barren, Christ Smoov, Mavo, JPDreamthug, Sudi and Joeyy, as well as a whole assortment of others. My pile never ends in terms of shoots.

You mentioned you moved to Los Angeles, how are you finding settling in?

Los Angeles is great man! Me and my previous girlfriend wanted to move here originally back in 2015 but we settled for San Francisco since she got a job at Dolls Kill there. I just wanted to get out of New Hampshire because I was getting into too much trouble and needed to see some new horizons. After we broke it off last summer, I started to find some places to live in and then my homie Mavo that was living in Echo Park called me in November and said his lease was up and was looking for a new spot with his friend Peter, Gizmo and Saphir so I was totally on board and ready to get out of the bay and down south here.

What underground artist is popping off right now?

Well, some of my favorites I’ve been listening to as of lately are Oaf1, 5v, Kiryano, Dolly, Kuru, Joeyy, Sudi, Dion, Senses, Orion Lake, Osquinn, Steele 11, and Ppgcasper. All of these artists are popping in their own ways but they are some of my favorite so far this this year.

Love the choices frankly! With all that being said, You seem to be a big fan of exotic soda! What’s your favourite?

I love exotic soda frankly. Kids give me mad shit because I don’t drink it with lean when I post them on my story but fuck that drugs suck. But my favorite one right now is the new Pear Sprite! Shout-out exotic Fanta too.

How are you handling the COVID-19 pandemic?

Man, I’ve been staying inside as much as I can. I usually leave once a day to go to the convenience store to get an item or so. I’ve always been an extrovert, but the last couple years I’ve been trying to learn more about myself and I think I’m becoming too much of a boomer and not wanting to go out as much. I just got out of a 5 year relationship which feels great because I’ve always had a girlfriend my teenage years and out of high school and this is the first time in a while where I feel like more in tune with myself. Not saying the pandemic is a good thing because thousands of people are dying but it’s been nice not having to go and do a million things everyday and having to hang out with people. Luckily, I got some great roommates to keep me occupied anyways we been going hard with our art and such. (Shout-out Gizmo, Mavo, Saphir, and MRSHN).

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