Seejayxo is a phenomenal and versatile artist that hails from the sunshine state of Florida, Orlando more specifically. Not only is he a busy artist, but he also runs “Burnout,” which is an underground community as well, but the man is also constantly working on something or other. His work ethic is super impressive and it is no mystery as to why his tracks are listened to and enjoyed by many. One can tell that he has a dedication to the quality of each body of work that he puts out because he takes time to mix and master each track proficiently.

His sound has changed a lot in the past year, and slowly but surely you can hear improvements in each track as he begins to experiment more and more with his sound while at the same time staying true to the sound he found that suits him. Overall this artist never fails to make a track that is not only catchy but also can fit multiple situations or moods. 

All these sentiments and more are true of his latest track entitled “Thinking Of You” — which combines raw emotion with a catchiness that not many artists can put together in such a simple yet elegant way. The artist serenades the ears in this track with a tale of the woe of a failed relationship that truly tugs on the heartstrings. Another thing that makes this artist so accessible to listeners is the relatability of the lyrics while at the same time being inaccessible in nature. This contradicting phenomenon makes the songs nuanced to listen to rather than superficial, you can tell the artist puts his heart and soul into lyrics. 

One strength within this track is the hook — which makes it so addicting to listen to, you want this part to just repeat and repeat which also gives the track replay value. Although the song is sad in tone the intonation of the lyrics isn’t whiny, instead being almost conversational in nature. The raw aching emotion of wanting someone who doesn’t want you anymore is almost palpable in not only the lyrics but the way this song is structured and sung. Everyone has at least one person in their life that they loved at one point that just doesn’t want them back. 

A powerful representation of this is found within the following lines: “I still hear your voice I can’t lie // and these thoughts of you // just consume my mind.” 

It’s almost impossible to not be moved by this song in a small emotional way which is also beautiful as well. The artist also inserts his favorite word in the lyrics, that if you are a true fan of his you are definitely aware of what it is. This inside look into the artist’s mind is interesting because the content is far different than the public persona or even the private persona that he portrays to others. This is a true and honest look into his thoughts with no filter.

In conclusion, if this artist isn’t in your awareness he definitely is one to watch out for. Not only is his art decent but he also has the uncanny ability to draw a community around himself and keep them there. This artist is also an advocate for the underground in a way not many are which further makes him an asset as not only a creator but also a supporter of creators. As he says, “Aye now I sit and write these songs // hoping that, you’ll sing along.”