Through his dualistic upbringing via the depths of Hackensack and the cultural epicenter that is Atlanta, an eclectic producer by the name of KassGoCrazy honed his innate talent. Inspired by the surge of SoundCloud artists in 2016 that popularized and pushed the genre into the mainstream, Kass began producing and cemented himself at the forefront of the next generation of the SoundCloud scene. 

By working with the likes of BigBabyGucci, Mixed Matches and BBY Goyard, Kass established himself as a producer in demand that was further confirmed with his induction into Lil Turbo’s collective Motorsport Team. Having become a lead figure within the collective, Kass has continued to raise the collective’s profile whilst forming impactful relationships with other rising artists in the scene such as Belis. 

With hits like “Starstruck” and “Tomato Soup” accumulating streams day in and day out, there is no doubt that their undeniable chemistry will continue to flourish in the future. Prior to his amazing set at Vampalooza, we had a chance to talk to the Motorsport stand out where we discussed his upbringing, production aesthetic, and goals for the future.

For those unfamiliar, could you tell us a little about where you’re from and your upbringing?

I’m from New Jersey, but I moved to Atlanta when I started making beats. So, everybody thinks I’m from Atlanta, but I’m not really from here. I lived in Jersey for 11 years, so I essentially grew up there. In Jersey, I grew up in this town called Hackensack. It’s basically a knock-off New York [laughs], but I was born in Queens originally. I didn’t start making music till I was 14, which was like May 2018. My whole life leading up to that I was really into video games though.

What drove you to start making music and how did you begin to work with other artists on Soundcloud?

In May 2018, I was playing hella Fortnight when it was really popping off alongside playing competitive Call of Duty. But that summer, I quit video games completely and started grinding trying to make beats. I also was always into Soundcloud since 5th grade just finding music on my phone. I didn’t really start getting into the scene I’m in now till this past August when I joined Motorsport. The overall reason I wanted to do music though is because my Dad did music. There were really only three things I wanted to do in life which were to be a skater, a professional gamer/streamer, or do music. With skating, I was never really that physically inclined, and stopped once I started making beats. Five months after I started producing, I sold my first beat and continued on from there.

In the beginning of your career, what sort of artists were you working with and what was your first placement?

My first real placement I would say is my song with Belis, but my first small song was this dude from this school I went to. It’s funny cause I didn’t even know him at school cause he was a year above me in grade, but I started being friends with him after I moved out of Jersey. That song is nowhere to be found though [laughs]; can’t be found anywhere. That was kind of gas too though cause it got 400 plays overnight and that was a lot back then. 

When you first started producing, who were your inspirations production wise?

When I first started really paying attention to beats in 2016, I really started diving deep when Lil Yachty and Lil Pump came out. I was the first one to find out about all of them at my school, which I was when I really got into Soundcloud rap. The songs “Remember December” and “Wintertime On A Boat” specifically inspired me to want to make beats. I really wish I came out in 2016 to be a part of the scene back then because that was the prime year for the scene. The people that really inspired my sound though was this Toronto artist named Safe, and the shit he hops on really inspires my sound. Specifically, the dark, R&B Toronto sound. It’s not even a direct inspiration though cause I listen to a wide array of stuff. Also, I might get flamed for this [laughs], but the CTV2 project by Jaden Smith is perfect. If you listen to the beats on that tape, that project is beautiful. I’ve been listening to that since 5th grade and that’s definitely an inspiration. If anybody listens to that project after reading this interview, Jaden was like 14 or 15 when he made that tape, which is crazy.

How did your involvement in the Motorsport team come about?

At the time when I first joined in late 2019, I didn’t even know who anybody in Motorsport was. Basically, the only person I had heard of was XZ, who isn’t a part of the collective anymore. Personally, I knew Tommi Oslo in Motorsport and that’s because I knew of this rapper named kketamine, but this was when going under a previous name that I believe was cryingindesigner. It was so funny though because my laptop charger broke, so I couldn’t use my laptop to send in the submission to Motorsport. So, I told Tommi to put in a good word for me and I got in, which was crazy I didn’t even really know anybody aside from Tommi when I joined. A month or two later though, I went on the trip with them to Atlanta and went to the IOA x UVC show, which was sick. It’s dope now though because me and Turbo are the people that run the whole collective and it keeps going up, which is crazy. More and more people are really starting to know more about it and it’s getting better. I think in the next year we’ll be way more up. TM88 said in an interview that if you’re a part of a group and push the group more than yourself, then you as an artist will be way bigger in the grand scheme of things, so I’m definitely trying to be like that.

What are some of your favorite placements and how did those come about?

The songs I have with Belis, and there’s way more unreleased stuff that we have. The tracks I have out with Mixed Matches that just dropped the past couple of months that I really like. Some recent songs with BBY Goyard that I have are really cool alongside this fire pop song him and I made that’s unreleased. I have this track with Kevin Kazi that’s coming out soon. Overall, I would say my favorite song I’ve produced is “Starstruck” with Belis.

Looking towards the future, what are your goals for the rest of the year and beyond? Any artists you want to specifically work with that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

My main goal is to get a placement with an industry artist. But even then, I really don’t even care about that too much. I just really want to keep growing with the artists I already work with. I don’t really have plans like that; I just try to take things day by day and work as much as I can, so people who don’t deserve the shyne don’t go up more than me. I’m not really in a rush to blow up necessarily as well, cause the faster you go up, the faster you fall as well. I just want to make sure that big success does eventually happen. Also, I just want to make sure that when people hear my name, they recognize how fye I am. 

Any shout outs to wrap it up?

Shout out Motorsport and everybody that messes with me and my collective!