In the past 2 months, Hvmmer has unlocked the vault for his fans, releasing a collection of singles dated to 2018 and 2019. Each single embodies a unique aspect of his music, and it all has  culminated in his most recent single entitled “Press Your Luck.” 

Produced by GeeohhS and Welshy, the track sees Hvmmer taking on a different style of production. Whereas his typical sound is more spacey and fluid, “Press Your Luck” is markedly more direct, and forces Hvmmer to change his flow. This change is refreshing and effortless, and culminates in a bouncy, free-spirited track suited for any party.

The track begins with a cinematic melodic lead, comprised of heavy sub-bass and an ominous bell pattern. At the drop, a punchy kick enters the mix, accompanied by a short 808, and an open hi-hat occasionally layered on top of the kick. The open hat gives the drum pattern a polished swing and solidifies its West Coast influence. A subtle hat, consistent clap, and snappy rim shot add additional accents to the track’s rhythm, but play a secondary role to the aforementioned elements. 

With regards to Hvmmer, he provides a solid performance full of catchy flows and a uniquely deep cadence. His lyrics are charismatic, and address his ambitions while criticizing the efforts of his contemporaries. At the halfway point of the track, he says:

Put the Hellcat in sports mode, revvin’ it up // All of my bitvhes 11’s and up // Callin’ room service in and they cater to us // Fuck n**** I’m gettin’ paper, you ain’t hatin’ enough

All in all, “Press Your Luck” is a refreshing addition to Hvmmer’s catalog. Despite the atypical production, Hvmmer sounds remarkably comfortable. The production is calculated and bouncy, and could make any listener want to dance. The lyrics are confident and ostentatious, and complement the dark, self-assured production. Needless to say, anybody that listens to this track should consider themselves lucky.