Following the success of the GeeohhS assisted, “Up,” Las Vegas’ own Miego has been delivering a steady output of content. This output continues with, “Flawless,” a self-produced, melodically dense track featuring Jacksonville native ET. Whereas, “Up,” utilized more West Coast style production elements, “Flawless,” sees Miego returning to a more trap-flavored sound, full of stout 808’s and feathery melodies. The track is pleasantly unpredictable, full of slick flow changes, a viscous pitch change, and a charismatic contrast between ET and Miego’s verses.

The track starts off with a plucky, arpeggiated melodic loop, accompanied by subtle vocal riffing courtesy of ET. The loop sustains for much of the track, and – despite its simplicity – provides just enough of a melodic base for both artists to riff around. At the track’s drop, a trunk-rattling 808 enters the mix, accompanied by a fluctuating hat pattern, steady clap, and occasional rim shot. ET controls the track’s first half, and makes use of a variety of unique flows. At the middle of his verse, he begins to intertwine flows, and makes use of interior rhyme to add an overwhelming sense of continuity. His lyrics are braggadocious and unbothered, emulating the track’s fluid, carefree production. Halfway through the track, Miego’s flow picks up directly where ET leaves off, but adds a more sparse variation to ET’s flow. After 8 bars, a low-pass filter takes over the mix, along with a pitch change on the master track. Although unexpected, this portion of the track is more than welcome due to its stellar execution and daring ambition. The track cadences out with a return to its normal pitch, and a repetition of the catchy refrain that preceded it.

“Flawless,” is a cohesive and healthily capricious track. ET and Miego’s chemistry shines throughout, and their collective knack for melody is paramount to the track’s success. Its production is minimal, but calculated, and suits the tonality of both artists’ voices perfectly. The intermittent vocal stutters and brief pitch change during Miego’s verse give the track an offbeat edge, and showcases Miego’s commitment to artistic deviation, albeit with a palatable hue.