Gizmo is an enigma and creates music you wouldn’t assume comes from this dimension of reality. In the video for “BLUNTFORCEHEADTRAUMA”, the song production by Triplesixdelete builds an exuberant sound that Gizmo lays explosive vocals over. The track originates from the first single off Gizmo’s EP titled, “Argus Panoptes”. The music video is directed by 2400 Kelvins, filmed by Multiplexes, and edited/VFX by Cooper Hammond. Together, they’ve cultivated an audio-visual experience for us. 

The video begins with an audible and captioned dialogue exchange on a dark screen between Gizmo, and someone who says they love his music. The person asks to hit his joint, and the conversation ends in the name of the song. Gizmo stumbles into frame as the song begins, and rocky mountains appear ahead. Dragons fly in and land on the backdrop, as Gizmo emotes with headbanging, arm flailing, and digging in dirt, surrounded by a concrete cylinder, each transition intensifies into the next. As the pace of the beat keeps up with each scene and the energy in the video matches the delivery of the song, it keeps the authenticity of it front and center.

With limited elements in the music production, the melody and the bass are both 808s, with the snare, and the closed and open hats adding groove to the already rhythmic kicks. The song uses simplicity to its advantage to allow room for vocals. The delivery from Gizmo matches and accommodates the intensity of the instrumental, and the video also. Though the visuals are chaotic at moments, the theme and overall delivery are executed well. The intensity of the song is present and will make you feel some type of way.