Sematary, in himself, offers a brand new taste of something unprecedented within the underground- whether it be his unique style or distinct sound. Today, we sit down and have an in depth conversation with the upcoming creative, and see where this passion roots from.

First off, who are your biggest influences within music?

Biggest influences would probably be the greats, Yung Lean, Chief Keef and Glo Gang, Salem, and Black Kray.

So we see the tastes of witch house, phonk, and trap within your work. Are there any genres you’d want to delve into or experiment with more in the future?

Ghost Mountain and I might try some folk acoustic guitar murder ballad type sounds on a summer mixtape or something soon, which we haven’t really done yet. I want to do more witch house type stuff soon as well, witch house needs to be brought back. I have a super punk fast-paced EP called Warboy coming soon, which might be out by the time this interview releases. That’s faster and more off the cuff than anything we’ve released up to this point. Otherwise, we’re just going to continue to release the haunted mound sound.

Speaking of Ghost Mountain, when and where did you both meet? You work together a lot and seem to have extremely good chemistry.

We met when we were young, in school. I always wanted to make music but I was always caught up with school with him, so we’d talk about our music ideas a lot. We both share a lot of the same art and ideas, and have always been inspired by the groups mentioned previously. Because of this, our ideas tend to be aligned and somehow everything always comes together when we make music. I’m blessed to have him.

You’re pretty consistent about posting visuals, it seems they’re important to your art. You have a very distinct aesthetic, how did you come about finding it? Did where you grow up play any influence on that, or your sound in general?

Artwork is almost more important to me than the actual music sometimes. I’m a very visual person and when artwork matches the sound of the project it increases my love for the art tenfold. That said, I like to mess around with art, making it extremely contrasting to the themes of the project, like the Rainbow Bridge mixtapes which are largely violent and negative, but have rainbows and color on the cover. I’ll listen to someone’s seemingly bad song if the cover is good to me. I just like messing around on Photoshop until the picture looks punchy with an ancient-metal type feeling. Obnoxious mixtape covers are always something I’ve loved in life, I consider these covers to be one of my primary things to offer this world.

Where I grew up definitely influenced me in this. When I was younger I was always bored and surrounded by nature, so I was always on the internet listening to music and looking at strange pictures which developed my taste into what it is today. Now that I’m a little older, I have a new appreciation for nature and where I live as a whole. Everything feels really empty when I go outside sometimes. People always say how beautiful outside and nature is, and I never related to that at all, and that lifelong disconnect has absolutely impacted my art.

As mentioned before, you have a very unique and distinct style. Knowing where your tastes come from now, I have to ask; what’s the inspiration for the Rainbow Bridge theme? Is there any significance behind this?

Thank you, an old legendary cursed poem that’s been around forever called Rainbow Bridge resonated with me a lot. I thought that’d be a be a cool name for a mixtape. The dogs on the covers of the Rainbow Bridge tapes I live with currently, and I wanted to immortalize them forever. I think we’ll live forever on the Rainbow Bridge when we are all gone. Besides dogs, I’ve seen a lot of death with my own eyes and have seen a lot of my favorite artists die over the years. I feel we’re all immortalized on the Rainbow Bridge in some way. Rainbows and black metal are just a sick conversation otherwise. There can’t be very many DSBM related projects with rainbows and dogs on the cover, so it’s swag as hell too.

Similarly, your lyrics can tend to be somewhat dark. Is this for the same reason? Along with this, is there any significance to the bunny suit beyond the single?

Probably yeah, I also just love gangster music and turnt existential dread massively, just flexing. No, the bunny suit was just the song and video, real bosses got bunny suits on deck. Me and Ghost Mountain thought it’d just be a fun video and song, probably one of my personal favorites so far.

You have an extremely unique and new sound within the underground, do you have any opinions on the current state of the scene itself?

Thank you, I appreciate that because that’s what it takes, and i love it. I don’t like the scene at all right now, most of the people i was around switched up or aren’t around anymore. I just keep my head up and keep rocking.

And lastly, where did your artist name come from? 

Sematary came from Pet Sematary, the OG movie. I hate the remake. I’m immortal, they bury me I come back alive. Sematary grave man forever.

I think that should wrap up the interview, are there any other comments you want to make?

Shout-out to Ghost Mountain from the Haunted Mound. Rainbow Bridge out now, Warboy EP Soon, fuck the world and everyone in it, shout-out Underground Vampire Club, thank you.

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