Following previous 2018 release “Grave Chimera”, Strawberry Hospital releases “Phantasmaphilia”, a 4 track long project. Although seemingly short, this project is not one to miss, especially by fans who need a refreshing taste of something new from the underground scene.

Combining elements of rock with tastes of alternative to create something entirely original, “Phantasmaphilia” offers something for every listener, from the rock-inspired sonics of “Phantoma”, to the slightly more upbeat “swanskin”- that offers captivating vocals sure to be loved by all fans- whether seasoned or new. Combining these pleasant vocals with such heavy instrumentals makes for an unforgettable sound, that will make any listener want to revisit time and time again. 

Production throughout the project stays incredibly consistent, yet breathtaking- to say the least. Listeners will never find a feeling of boredom while listening to “Phantasmaphilia”, and the 12-minute run time makes this perfect to listen to in one sitting. The rock/alternative sounds exhibited offer a refreshing taste of originality, as well as something completely different seen from the underground today.

If this project could be summed up into just one word- it would be remarkable. The replayability value of the project is seemingly unmatched, from the first track alone the listener is greeted with a pleasant taste of what is to come. Whether new fan or old, this project will leave any listener begging for more.