Xisrupt is not new to collaboration; the rising act has produced for the likes of Bones, Gizmo, OmenXIII, and has also worked with Blanco Billions of TeamSESH fame. His music cannot be labeled under one genre, and his catalog of versatile production on and off his SoundCloud is proof of this. Though he has worked with underground legends, the music standalone contains the value of replayability.

Xisrupt’s newest single “DEVIL IN DISGUISEgets better with every listen. Lush chords and a snare bring the track to life. From there, the sounds morph in with kicks and underlying bass notes that set the tone. Percussion rolls in, then an airy guitar and hi-hats build an unbeatable rhythm. The dreamy vocal chops that fade in and out give this track a feeling of its own. It takes on many elements from music played by a band, but also possesses electronic elements, which connect genres like spandrels to one another.

The fusion of sounds in Xisrupt’s single makes the sonic outcome unpredictable. The gift to us as listeners is found in the appreciation to hear a new, and refreshing song. The genre is difficult to pinpoint because it fuses aspects of house music with ambiance and electronic music. It is a chill song to the core and could be on repeat all day without even realizing it.