Kaden Gray is an artist from Phoenix, Arizona who released this song with an organization called The Valley Club. In essence The Valley Club is a collective of creatives with an actual physical location rather than just mostly being based online. This is a lot different than the majority of the collectives in the underground, mostly because if you are from a small town it is less likely to meet like minded creatives in order to create an actual physical collective. This artist’s sound is more like what one would traditionally think of as rap if you weren’t heavy into the underground “emo rap” scene. You can find more artists from Arizona from sources such as Boring LV, looking through the artists who are a part of the Valley Club, and also by supporting Emo Fruits as well as Pink Cig and the producers as well as the artists they work with. Being surrounded by many talented artists and creatives seems to have paid off for Kayden.

Kayden’s newest song is entitled “Changes”’ and is produced by Prettyboipolo. The song begins with a few seconds of a pulsing sound that fades into the background as the artist begins laying his verse, however it remains the heartbeat of the song. This track is particularly interesting because of the word play as well as the flow that is utilized because both of these elements put together make it an enjoyable listen overall. You could describe the flow as mellow and occasionally melodic in some portions. This is different from many artists in the underground because word play isn’t always their forte. This artist is able to almost effortlessly transition from one portion of the song into another just by using metaphor and simile. The track has a theme of just not caring about others’ opinions and embracing your inner greatness. One of the best lines that this track has to offer is “I could never be a sheep cause I’m a goat”. He hook is also a switch up enough to where it sounds different than the rest of the song which some artists aren’t able to do. When someone can rap differently in order to change the flow it is much better than someone who states words in a monotonous tone for the duration. Not only does this make it boring, but at times when one does that it becomes intolerable to listen to. This is avoided also provides a good structure for the visuals of the track which is posted on the Valley Club Instagram and YouTube. 

In conclusion, Kaden is a rising star from the dusty landscape of Arizona along with the rest of the artists from this area. For some reason many good artists come from this state with talents such as Sorry X, Emo Fruits, Pink, Saiah, Jaseen, Prodby2k, and more. His use of word play sets him apart from his counterparts and with such talent surrounding this artist the only thing he will be able to do is improve.