Brooklyn upstart Sha Gualla has been applying pressure lately with his flurry of melodic drill releases diversifying himself from the scores of drill artists coming out of New York. With his baritone vocals and impressive cadences, Sha demonstrates the unique duality he possesses in making canorous street bangers that the ladies can turn up at clubs and parties alike. This signature ability is especially shown in the video for his new track “Cherry Popper” capturing Gualla in his element whilst surrounded by scores of friends and females.

The track commences with Gualla’s turquoise hair on display as he brings vibrant energy to the forefront of the video. As Sha becomes the life of the party, he breathes life into the term “Gangster Party” as he executes precise melodic flows perfectly in par with the claps and snares featured within the archetypal drill production. A singular vocal sample and underlying synths build tension early as short kicks alongside calculated snares come into the fold. With this, Gualla punches in his targeted delivery that pairs excellently with the production ascending the track to a new level through their alignment.

Gualla touches upon a variety of subjects including his romantic escapades, his inevitable success, and his need to hustle till he gets the bag. Regarding the track’s cultural roots, Brooklyn energy is depicted beautifully as Gualla diversifies himself from the pack and showcases his individuality that no other can replicate. The track has amassed close 50,000 views in a month, which is impressive alongside a feature on “Talk With Bro” from buzzing Brooklyn artist Smoove L. As Sha continues his spree of releases, his profile will inevitably rise as Gualla lets the people know why he is one of the most unique artists coming out of Brooklyn.