Genique, a singer/songwriter from Queens, is one of the more versatile artists in the NYC music scene. The proof is in the pudding with her first offering of 2020 titled “Lil Bish (freestyle).” This is a different direction for Genique who has built her reputation as a powerful R&B singer performing at some of the most renowned venues in New York. Now with this single, she’s making it apparent that she can trade both melodies and bars with the best of them.

The beat on this song is really enticing. The rift of the strings combined with the percussion and subtle bass gives way to an instant head nod. The clarity & loudness is a nice touch as well (the signature of a quality mixing engineer). Genique doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind on nay-sayers either. Still, she finds a nice balance between assertive, witty, and flow on this one.

On the second half of this record, she starts rapping in Jamaican patois. If this language is familiar to you, it puts a smile on your face. If it’s not, the song will make you want to become more acquainted with the vernacular just so you can bop your head free of ignorance.

The idea of rapping is not a foreign concept for the singer/songwriter. In fact, on the record “Touchdown” released in 2019, she made sure her skills as an emcee were recognized.  

This song in particular provides more evidence of Genique’s adaptability to any song. We can appreciate an artist that reveals the various styles and layers they’re equipped with through their medium. “Lil Bish (freestyle)” is one of those songs that will open her fanbase to new listeners and reenergize current listeners. Ultimately leaving both groups with more to look forward to.