In an era of melodic prominence and free-flowing vocal riffs, Bighuncho has carefully developed his style and maintained his individuality. Known for his authoritative, gravelly voice, Huncho is capable of making assertive trap bangers sure to ignite any crowd, but has recently experimented with more vulnerable sounds and subject matter. This experimentation is on full display with “XOXO” — an emotive, lyrically focused track detailing one of Huncho’s old flames. Produced by Boyfifty, the track features a lofi sample akin to some of the production on XXXTenatcion’s 17, and a bass-heavy beat change in the middle of the track.

The track begins with isolated playback of the sample, accompanied by distressed breathing courtesy of Huncho. At the drop, a sparse drum pattern enters the mix, consisting of a punchy kick, spacious snare, and subtle hat. After 8 bars, the hats increase their velocity, and a series of low hats saturate the left channel. 

An additional 8 bars later, the kick leaves the mix, replaced by a heavy-handed 808, accented by a filtered snare and sporadic hats. The beat soon returns to its initial form, this time featuring the occasional half-timed vocal sample in the right channel. Although simple, Boyfifty’s production is immaculate, leaving enough space for Huncho to quickly flow throughout, but maintaining enough sonic variation to keep the listener intrigued.

With regards to Huncho, his performance is beautiful. His flows are effortless, and he manages to fill every rhythmic pocket not filled by the track’s production. The track’s lyrics are carefully written, and fearlessly somber, and serve to contrast the emphatic nature of Huncho’s voice. He primarily addresses the transgressions of his love interest, and how her actions changed his previously rosy disposition towards her. This is evident when he says:

And fuck ya feelings if you even had them, if you talking ‘bout heartache I got plenty // I remember all ‘em days I was touching on you so gently // Now you doin’ all this petty shit knowing you tryna tempt me 

All in all, “XOXO” is flawless all around. Its production is pure, minimalistic yet occasionally deviant. Huncho’s writing and performance are top-notch, and the emotion in his voice is omnipresent. One can only hope that Huncho continues to quickly grow his balanced and diverse catalog.