Jayde is an artist out of Toronto who has a very poppy sound — her music is ethereal and catchy in nature. This artist doesn’t use a complex beat that carries the entire song, in fact, it’s just the opposite where her voice and energy are the driving forces behind the track. Most likely, if the instrumental wasn’t behind this artist’s vox, it would still be a beautiful piece of art acapella. 

This marks a great artist, the ability to captivate an audience and keep them there, enraptured, the instrumentals an enhancement rather than a necessity, and the vox of an angel caressing the eardrums to the point that they want more. 

These qualities aren’t missed in Jayde’s newest song entitled simply “Electricity,” which not only captures the main theme but also describes the sound in which the artist has executed. This song is longer than most tracks you can find out there with it being over four minutes long, but this does not take away from the quality of the work. 

This song could go on forever and listeners would be perfectly content with that because of the structure as a whole, with its slower parts that make a listener feel nostalgia and pain for a past relationship or even one that the listener never had and then the catchy hook. 

The main theme of this piece is losing a relationship because of a lack of communication and spark, one of the people in the relationship losing interest while the other desperately attempts to hold on. The imagery in this track is extremely vivid and one can almost imagine certain images that transcend the superficial images one can first see when listening to it. The contrast between the image of electricity and darkness is one of the most striking. The images of being battered as well as the pull between chaos and order is also a startling and refreshing contrast. 

Although this song could be used in a romantic context when viewing relationships it could also be a view on friendships and losing a friend because of one circumstance or other. Another mood that this track exhibits is the wish that the relationship would be fixed and the feeling of helplessness that comes with that. The lyrics, as well as the tone of the vocals, do a phenomenal job at exemplifying this mood and it’s truly a beautiful song through and through. 

In conclusion, this offering is breathtaking from start to finish regardless of the genre difference. Artists like her don’t come around very often so it may be wise to be put on to her before she gains an even larger audience. A new track from this artist is much anticipated and would be welcomed at any time. This artist’s ability to capture a certain situation is exemplary and the way this piece moves as a whole is a wonderful addition to my playlist. Although in the song “it feels like we’re losing electricity” this artist certainly isn’t.