Blo$$om Reynolds is an act who seems to be willing to really dive deep into his emotions as well as events from the past. However, although he can go into deep topics, his sense of humor is never lost. These facets are communicated greatly in a recent discussion with the rising talent.

What are your goals and aspirations for the duration of 2020?

I would really love to play out of state (Ohio) shows more often. I’m also working on getting more collabs and better promotion for my art as well as making more videos. I really just want to go as hard as I can this year.

What was the process behind your latest track “pastime” and did you have any difficulties in creating it?

 I actually wrote that song on the way to work one morning after being up pretty much all night super frustrated and hung up on this girl I was trying to talk to at the time (laughs), kind of just wrote the song on the spot. I really think my brain writes better off like no sleep for some reason to be honest… big fan of how that one came out.

Who are your biggest fashion icons that you look up to?

I really look up to Uzi, 100%. He is an icon in every sense of the word. We stan. 

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard any of your music before?

I like to tell people I’m like emo/pop punk with modern trap and edm influences I guess (he laughs) always a weird question to answer. Somebody told me I sound like if Yung Lean and Mayday Parade had a baby and I don’t know if I really hear it but I do kinda dig that (he laughs harder). 

Do you have any regrets about your music career so far?

I lowkey wish I wasn’t as annoying as I was when I first started this project in regards to dm’ing people trying to get them to listen to me (laughs) I feel like there’s a handful of artists that won’t fuck with me just solely for how annoyingly persistent I was. I’ve also been in contact/in the same room with some bigger artists and I feel like I didn’t promote myself as hard as I should have in those situations and maybe if I did then some really cool big things could have come about. At the same time though I really like to think things happen for a reason so I really try not to regret anything. All just part of the process. I don’t sweat it to be honest. 

Give us a favorite moment that you had within the scene.

In the summer of ’19 I was going to Toronto to meet up with some friends for a music fest and I tweeted about how I was heading there and Jakkyboi saw that and hit me up like “Yo come to the studio.” That studio ended up being literally like 3-4 doors down from the Airbnb I was staying at (he laughs enthusiastically) very wild. I pretty much skipped the fest and just hung out there all weekend. Got to link with him and also met a handful of other really sick artists (Angel Boy, Cartoon Ben, Deegs, etc..) and that’s when Jakky and I made “Common Sense.” That whole weekend definitely goes down as my favorite thing to happen so far to be honest,it was so fun and just being surrounded by likeminded artists that I genuinely respect and look up to was really fucking cool. I love those dudes. 

What is your advice to people who look up to you?

DON’T STOP. It’s so easy to get discouraged trust me I know (laughs but in lowercase) but you really gotta just keep pushing and trust yourself and your ideas even when they seem crazy. Just go for it and don’t let people tell you not to.