Amidst an unpredictable beginning to 2020, Neno Ba$h has been a remarkably consistent artist. He steadily delivers a moody, despondent, and introspective vibe, and has a keen ear for production. His sound is distinct, generally making use of spacious, downtrodden lead melodies, accompanied by sharp trap drums and laser-focused verses. 

Neno’s hot streak continues with “Ri Ri” — a resonant, trunk-rattling track that evokes a sense of murky conviction and iniquitous bliss. The track sees him at his best, effortlessly flowing over production courtesy of Dante, and addressing his financial aspirations.

The track drops almost immediately and welcomes the listener with an all-encompassing 808 and elegant piano sample. The piano sample is palatial and surrounds the listener in a manner that seemingly makes them a part of the instrumental. The track’s percussion is simple, making use of a modest hat pattern and syncopated open hats, both of which provide the song with a subtle sense of movement. 

With regards to Neno, his performance is strong and details his decadent ambitions in a self-assured, straightforward manner. The track’s refrain is direct, as Neno says:

Ima work that bowl like Rihanna // My next ho look like Rihanna // Hit a lick, couldn’t check with my partners // Mask up, walk down like a robber

The hook – and the track at large – evoke a keen sense of hedonistic confidence, and details the measures Neno is willing to take in order to achieve his goals. Sprinkles of vulnerability are littered throughout the song and provide a balance between unrepentant resolve and sincere escapism. This balance is core to much of Neno’s discography and cements him as a genuine, refreshing, and unique voice amidst a monotonous world.

“Ri Ri” showcases Neno Ba$h in his comfort zone, detailing his goals in an unmediated manner, while subtly incorporating feelings of despair and desires to circumvent it. Dante’s production is masterful and fits Neno’s tone and delivery perfectly. As we remain quarantined, one can only hope that Neno continues to drop great music to pass the time.