One of the freshest faces in the underground has to be Reserv, who recently released his 5-track project “Forever and Ever,” and it is safe to say that it is not one to be missed whatsoever.

Although seemingly short – clocking in at just 10 minutes – the project provides a consistent electronic, bouncy feel throughout — perfect for any listener that needs a nice change from the current upbeat, bubbly feel of the current scene. 

From the opening track “Waiting Room” alone, the listener gets a taste of how the project will play out as it proceeds. Throughout the entirety of its runtime, the listener is graced with smooth, calm vocals, that are matched perfectly with instrumentals, that also feature the likes of Lilac.

As previously mentioned, the tape itself is consistent, however each track features a twist of its own, which is often seen within Reserv’s music, making it unique and pleasant.

Overall, this project provides sonics not often seen within the underground and is the perfect listen. The short run time and noticeable variation within not only instrumentals but lyrics as well make this mixtape cater to every listener.