As an underground mainstay, Corey Lingo has found a way to synthesize soulful, polished vocals and trap-flavored production for some time. The trap influence in Lingo’s music is still prevalent, evident by songs like “Soul Tied” and “Selling Dreams 2 Myself.” 

However, that influence comes to a resounding halt with, “Conditions” — a silky, earnest, pop-flavored ballad. Produced by Lingo himself, the track features one of Lingo’s best vocal performances to date, and a pensively minimalistic beat that allows for him to truly shine. Although brief, the track is a bold pronunciation of Lingo’s versatility and marks an ambitious artistic deviation.

The track begins with a melancholy piano introduction, accompanied by muted vocal riffs. The piano bears a nostalgic feel, accentuated by its subtle high-end roll-off and understated static. At the track’s drop, the melody changes and becomes more fluid and unpredictable, akin to Lingo’s vocals. A sharp snap also enters the mix, followed by a sub-heavy rolling kick pattern. The kick’s velocity shifts throughout the track, providing it a more naturalistic feel akin to a heartbeat. 

With regards to Lingo, his performance is angelic, making use of celestial harmonizations and elegant vibratos to contribute to the track’s emotional potency. Lingo’s lyrics are equally potent, evident when he says:

You gotta make me feel how I never felt // ‘Cause otherwise I’d be way better off with somebody else, but I don’t wanna leave // You’ll only know my position baby, if you agree to these conditions baby

The conflict and reorientation found in these lines mirror Lingo’s vocals. Throughout the track, Lingo works around the lead melody, but often begins new phrases in tandem with the piano’s primary bass chord. The bass chord symbolizes solace and comfort found in Lingo potentially leaving his current relationship. However, Lingo’s hesitance to do so is simultaneously symbolized by the melody’s accentuations, ultimately culminating in a perpetual feeling of change, with little hope for any sense of resolution. 

Ultimately, “Conditions” marks a welcome and remarkably beautiful musical departure from Corey Lingo. Its brevity is compensated for by its sheer beauty and pure emotional appeal. One can only hope that Lingo continues to release tracks like this, as a welcome complement to his already diverse discography.