As far as the SoundCloud scene is concerned, female artists are grossly misrepresented to say the least. It could take days to compile a list of female artists, while for male artists it would take only a few seconds. 

This fact makes it more apparent than ever when a truly gifted female act starts to garner acclaim, and that is exactly what Jillian! Is doing at this very moment. She gives people a reason to pay attention to the females in this scene considering the sheer impact of her talent. 

Jillian!’s newest project entitled “Playgirl” is no different in displaying her versatility as well as ability to work with her male cohorts and even add in aspects that they could not do themselves. Her sound is ethereal and soothing to the ears but also catchy at the same time which is a hard ratio to master.

 The whole EP is seven tracks, each with a different yet cohesive sound and is overall extremely enjoyable to listen to. The whole concept of this project is the word Playgirl which is much like a playboy just the opposite gender, which breaks stereotypes that some people would want a female to adhere to. The whole project is basically about female empowerment which is an important topic to speak on and this artist does an amazing job in doing so.

 Although the topic is more serious in nature, the artist still keeps the whole tone of the project light and fun. For instance, the song CHOKE! contains the line “tell me what’s it’s like receiving no affection…  everything you want, bitch you know I got it” — an empowering line to say the least.

The whole project would fit well in hyping a person up when they feel down. Rather than focus on love and the need for it, this project’s focus is more on being tired of being treated badly and being independent which is a nice, fresh change of pace. The theme of using men for pleasure or convenience rather than a necessity not only conforms to the overall theme of the project but is often an attitude adopted when people are sick and tired of feeling used and not treated correctly. It is essentially a war cry demanding to be treated correctly and the right for healthy attachments. 

In conclusion, the whole project is spellbinding and empowering as the bottom line. Rather than stick to superficial topics this artist takes a risk and lets out her frustrations and feelings in each track. This could be a scary thing in this world where anger in a woman causes animosity or even outrage. Feelings of sadness or isolation seem to be more acceptable than anger which makes this project in particular, groundbreaking because this is not the typical project. In the artist’s own words “ I don’t need them, I don’t keep them but sometimes I let them feature.”