Mainstay Trey Kwan has a hit on his hands with his newest track “2 Friendly”. From releasing consistent heat with tracks like “Up and Away” and “I’m Feeling On”, Trey utilizes his catchy vocals and pop melodies to facilitate a song destined for the charts. The track begins with an infectious guitar riff that transitions into hair raising synths and a melodic onslaught reminiscent of Trey’s pop punk influences that are shown throughout his discography. As the track progresses, Trey demonstrates why he is unique amongst a crowded genre composed of emo inspired rappers with his versatile vocals and adaptive cadences. 

While the track has a reasonable amount of plays on SoundCloud, the music video has amassed close to 300k views in a month on YouTube, which demonstrates Trey’s potential for stardom. The music video depicts Trey in a decadent arcade accompanied by classic video graphics capturing the highs of youth as he touches upon subjects like loneliness, love, and pills. Overall, Trey’s charisma and disregard for anything aside from his endeavors makes me excited to see his growth in the future. If Trey’s doubters motivated him to attain the skills he has now, I can only imagine how much he will excel when he ascends to a platform visible to the masses.