Seattle upstart Max Marz has been ascending over the past couple of years through diverse projects like “Memories” and “85% Loading”. Whilst cultivating and bringing back a level of wavy and cloud-esque rap back to the bubbling underground scene of Seattle, he alongside counterparts Ghoulavelli and Alien$lim have firmly created a wave that has set themselves apart from the rest of Seattle’s rap scene that has mainly drawn upon on their Bay Area influences. As Ghoul has grown to become a staple in the underground, Max is more than ready to establish himself as an artist poised for national exposure.

On his most recent project “85% Loading”, Max was able to record and put together a concise, cohesive, and overall quality project in a matter of two weeks. Utilizing production from Ghoul and himself respectively, Max demonstrated how he can put out quality releases with ease. Imagining a complete and precisely executed project with extensive time put into it, Max proceeded to then lock himself in the studio and create a sound that showcases his ascension to the next echelon.

With Max’s rollout process underway for his new project, he has unleashed a banger by the name of “Brad Pitt”. Employing fast paced Pierre inspired production by CGMBeats, Max unleashes his signature flow and accompanies his raps with euphoric ad-libs that would make the track an appropriate backdrop for a psychedelically inspired “Max in Wonderland”. As Max has confirmed the project will feature FearDorian production, anticipation only rises as Max previews a project unique to himself with potential to make waves in the underground and beyond.