Not many producers can claim that they have been at the forefront of a specific sound. However, DiorDaze can. Working with the likes of Summrs, Autumn (Twinuzis), and North Carolina’s Texako, DiorDaze has done more for the PluggnB style we’ve come to love more than nearly anyone else.

How did you get into music production? Were you surrounded by music when you were young or was it just something you got into on your own?

As a baby, my mom use to play a lot of 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Master P, Scarface, Eminem! A lot of R&B as well. I can say my mom helped me with my love for music early on for sure. I got into producing because Zaytoven inspired me early on. The era of him and Gucci Mane, OJ da Juiceman, and Waka Flocka Flame molded my life.

Near the end of last year, you had tweeted you were making beats off a Sony phone for 5 years until you could afford your own computer. With all these odds against you, you were also battling kidney disease. For starters, how does one produce on a Sony phone? How did you stay motivated during all these setbacks? Would you say the limitations you were facing helped you get the specific sound you are known for?

I had a Sony Xperia phone almost 5-6 years ago. I remember it was right around the time I started hearing MexikoDro and Playboi Carti. There’s this app called SPC where I was able to download drum kits and save them to a folder in my phone. So even early on I was trying to make beats but it didn’t work, the software obviously wasn’t on FL Studio level. I wanted to make beats like Mexiko and StoopidXool so bad that I knew I needed to get my money up and get a computer. I’m happy I did, I can definitely say the limitations helped me stay focused on starting a music career.

When people think of DiorDaze, they think of PluggnB; you are arguably one of the most influential producers with that style of sound. However, at the same time it seems as if the community has moved on from PluggnB. While you will hear the occasional PluggnB song, it is usually a rare treat. You even recently tweeted that you wanted to be done with PluggnB beats. Would you say the style got overly saturated? Do you think they will be some sort of a revival or will it forever be a niche?

Personally, I would say it is very saturated with how many producers there are, but as a whole! There are artists like XanManShawty, Corey Lingo, RewindRaps and Hunchozz who keep the sound alive! It’s just missing the two artists who made the biggest impact out of it. I hope it comes back, I have so many messages asking me if the style will ever reach its peak again.

Two artists you have worked with extensively, Summrs and Autumn (Twinuzis) are at the height of their respective careers right now. Summrs recently signed to Universal Music Group (UMG) whereas Autumn is shining in his own regard. Both have pretty much moved away from that melodic sort of PluggnB sound most of their older fan base are used to, and are now striving. Would you say this just goes to show PluggnB is sort of a niche sound like previously stated?

I know that eventually Summrs and Autumn will start recording on those kind of beats again. Just think! A whole community of artists start trying to mimic your sound, rhyme scheme, lyrics and cadence! You would find a way to branch out and make something new knowing you have that impact, and they continue to make incredible music. Shout-out them boys.

You recently dropped a song with David Shawty titled “Silent Hill.” As you might know, Yungster Jack and David are putting the underground on notice with their song “Pressure” which has gone viral on TikTok. The song itself nearly has 300k plays on SoundCloud alone. With some people complaining SoundCloud is a stale platform or even a dying one, many young creatives are at the forefront of the platform right now. How do you feel about the direction SoundCloud is taking right now?

I think SoundCloud is in an incredible place right now. It seems like all of the artists we grow with are getting the recognition they deserve. some but not all, It takes time! We’re slowly getting to a point where we will see our favorite artists on a commercial level. Social media is a powerful platform, your life can change in an instance. I want everyone to win.

For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about Surreal Gang. What is the background behind the group? How did you find yourself joining? Who do you feel is the most underrated member of the group?

Surreal Gang has a mixture of producers. Some make plug-esque beats, some make mainstream or even jugg-esque beats. We just keep pushing the sound beyond measures. I am a fan of everyone in the group. XanGang especially was the one producer that whenever I would hear his beats, I would get up and make beats. I bought labs from XanGang, Rob Surreal, AltoSGP, and Eddie Gianni early on in my career. Thrillboy has been my brother for almost 2 years now, I love that guy! I knew in order to form a relationship, you have to invest! Rob tweeted who wants to be in Surreal Gang, a lot of people mentioned me in the tweet and he hit me up saying he was gonna add me. We made some collabs which one of them ended up being Hold Me Down By Hunchozz. The most underrated member of the group would have to be zJakkies. People need to start paying attention to his music.

What sound do you want to take with your production moving forward? 

I just want to perfect my sound, I will still make the same music! I just want to improve and do it at a higher level.

What song are you the proudest of that you have contributed to?

I would say every song I was able to make an impact with, I just appreciate the people who gave me a chance.

 Are there any creatives you want the opportunity to work with in the future?

Definitely want to get more Surreal Gang work in. I wanna work with KapeThaGoat, Cortdot, Hoodwtch, Ginseng, FiftyGrand, Sadbalmain, JoseThaPlug, Alexzander Pray, Slayer, Dior Blunt, Stoopidxool, MexikoDro, Corey Lingo, the list goes on.

Who is one producer or artist you feel like never necessarily got the respect they deserved?

Surreal Gang, Spookjamie, Blastshawty, Kankan, Goyxrd, and CashCache. I apologize if I’m forgetting anyone else, they all contributed to the PluggnB sound we all know today. CashCurt needs his respect! He’s too fire.

On a personal note, what do you want to accomplish the most this year?

I would love to finally receive a transplant, have management, frankly I just want more notable placements. Being able to travel, just get better with my sound and progress with Surreal Gang.

Finally, are there any shout-outs you would like to give? Anything supporters can expect this year?

Shout-out to Surreal Gang as always, Summrs, Twinuzis, shout-out to the BeatPluggs, shout-out to my true friends in the community and shout-out UVC for the opportunity. Expect an enhanced sound from me, I want to give you guys new feelings! A sound that can’t be replicated, I’m always working to better myself, I hope I can make you proud!