To get started, who are you and what do you do?

My name is John and I’m an artist/producer going by the name Cadence. I’ve grown up in the [soundcloud] scene, and it’s formed me inside and outside of music. I experiment with different genres like emo, rap, and pop. I tend to blend a lot of these sounds mixed with the artists who’ve influenced my music

Where are you from?

I’m from Wellington, Florida

Have you been involved with your local scene? 

Not really, my local scene is mainly focused on rap and trap like x and ski mask, so i don’t really fit in there.

What drew you into the SoundCloud scene?

It was definitely $uicideboy$ and Lil Peep. I started listening to $uicideboy$ back in 6th-7th grade and found peep in around 8th. I made beats primarily focusing on aspects found in old $uicideboy$ songs and then towards the end of 8th grade I decided I wanted to start singing. It was then that I found the guardin discord and started to make friends with a bunch of people in there, that really pushed me to become who I am today. Yung Van is one of the people I met there and let me tell you, that guy has been with me through everything, pushing and helping me throughout everything. Back then we would always collaborate with each other and just network so it was a great upbringing.

How long have you been seriously pursuing music?

I’d say since the summer of 8th grade/beginning of freshman year. I made my first vocal track with Yung Van around this time (it was not good) but it made me realize I wanted to keep going and pursuing this, it was a genuine escape from everything and it gave me a purpose.

Do you enjoy living in Florida, what’s it like out there?

I live in a town which to me is just super boring, nothing really goes on and there’s nothing to do. so to be honest, not at all.

Who is your dream collaboration inside the underground?

A dream collaboration would probably be with shinigami or 100gecs. their music is just such an influence on the way I produce and write so it’d be a dream.

And who is your dream collaboration in the mainstream / just in general?

A dream collab artist-wise would probably be like Lil Aaron or Joji, if it were a band I’d have to say Hot Mulligan, Neck Deep, or Mom Jeans.

Out of the artists you’ve already worked with, who’s been your favorite(s)?

Either keshore or 9tails [who currently goes by sewer person]

Favorite project from 2019?

Damn thats hard, 1000 gecs and worms for brains.

Who were your most listened to on Spotify?

Hot Mulligan, fredo disco, Lil Peep, $uicideboy$, and Modern Baseball.

You were previously known as Shattered, what influenced the shift into Cadence?

I just grew tired of the name. I had been tired of it for a while but never found the energy to change. Once I got my new microphone on my birthday though, something just clicked. I felt like I had evolved from that and I didn’t wanna be known by a name that I made for myself when I was like 12/13. Another big part was the fact that I’ve shifted from not only doing sad music but all different types, so going with the name shattered just didn’t fit anymore. I wanted something that could encompass my sound.

So shattered was your passion project at 12/13, how old are you now as you’re creating cadence? is cadence more of a serious endeavor? 

I’m 17 as of the 26th of February I feel like I’ve also grown as a person throughout the years and it was time to let the name shattered go yeah- so for sure it’s more serious, I mean I was serious before but now I feel like I actually have a shot.

What’s the difference in sound between the two, how are you moving forward?

Well my new sound has a lot of my old shattered emo influence but I’m trying to push myself to be as creative and unique as possible. I’ve made both pop and rap songs, which is something I never thought I’d make. Some of my old fans might not like what direction I’m going, but It’s a lot of fun though, and that’s what matters. Before changing my sound, I wasn’t having fun with music, I was just getting really bored with it. I was getting sick of making the same sad love songs over guitar beats

Favorite unreleased song?

Definitely ringtone, like that just has literally all the aspects I want in my new sound. It’s got perfect mixing, new rapping and cadences. You can hear the change in my last couple shattered songs, I tried to go for something unique and interesting!

What are your plans for doing shows?

Well I possibly have two shows lined up in April for florida, and I am booked for a show in New York later in the year, but I definitely want to play as much as many as I can.

Thanks for sitting down and chatting with me! Here’s your opportunity to spread some good vibes, shout-out whoever or whatever you like!

Well, I just really wanna thank you firstly for giving me the opportunity to do this and speak my mind as I really like talking about music. I want to let all aspiring artists know that you can do this! No matter what you do whether it be music, sports, etc, if you grind hard enough, it will all pay off. I wanna shout out some of my homies in no particular order so: skele, yung van, joseph cash, connflicts, kasetto, goosc, and anyone I’ve worked with or am working with soon!

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