It’s no secret how influential the Bay Area is regarding its history and contributions to the overall culture of Rap & Hip-Hop. From trailblazers like Too $hort, Mac Dre, and E-40 to rising newcomers like SOB x RBE, Mike Sherm, and Larry June, the Bay Area and NorCal’s significance in cultivating the overall West Coast sound cannot be understated. Even in light of the “SoundCloud aesthetic” taking the helm of the genre in the past five years, the Bay has produced artists like Suigeneris and PonyBoi that have gone on to amass impressive followings despite not employing the archetypal “Bay Area” sound. 

In the past few years, however, Bay Area music has seen a nationwide resurgence due to the popularity of their SoCal counterpart with artists like Blueface, Shoreline Mafia, and 1TakeJay who have taken influence from the Bay Area’s signature bounce. This is not to mention the massive success that SOB X RBE has had in recent memory who have played a major part revitalizing the Bay’s presence in the mainstream.

With this context in mind, talented artists all over the Bay Area have been releasing music prolifically and incorporating new elements to the sub-genre that raised them. While rappers like Ygunna Kwon, Babyface Peanut, and One5 Frank have been gaining traction through their captivating releases, one artist by the name of Dreamllife Varski is looking to be at the forefront of the scene with his new video “Kill Cuz.”

Amounting close to 50k views in a month on Youtube via famed NorCal blog/platform Thizzler On The Roof, Varski’s bravado and catchy flow are at the forefront of the video as he grips a Hennessy bottle in the company of his crew. Varski’s first bar is a foreshadowing to a clear depiction of his lifestyle as he proclaims, “breaking news bitch, let me start it off like this.” His undeniable charisma and calculated punchlines serve to only be a catalyst for his inevitable success in the future.