Nevada’s own Miego continues to be one of the most underrated artists in the underground. His consistency, artistic growth, and debonair are incomparable, and few artists bear versatility akin to him. 

This fact is especially obvious on his latest single “Us.” Featuring production by GeeohhS, the track sees Miego at his smoothest, effortlessly gliding over a soulful, bassy beat. His confidence is clear, and his lyrics are infused with a sense of self-assuredness sure to motivate the listener.

The track begins with a glitzy, nostalgic intro, comprised of sharp claves, heavy bass hits, and a fluid saxophone sample. Following a series of anticipatory adlibs, a punchy kick enters the mix, coupled with snappy snares, and a feathery hi-hat pattern. Although modest, the track’s production feels lavish and encompassing, and bears a variety of unique instrumental elements that lend to a distinct sound. 

With regards to Miego, his performance is near flawless, and his delivery meshes perfectly with the track’s jazzy production. He addresses his ambitions, love interests, and dedication to his friends, all with a free-flowing, laid back cadence. Near the middle of the track, Miego’s morale is on full display, evident when he says:

And I would never tat her name, but I would put it on my necklace // I got a handful of bitches that I crossed off my checklist // And you probably don’t expect it, but I don’t give a fuck

Miego’s brashness is on full display within these lines, but the subtle concession at the beginning provides a unique edge and maintains the same nuanced, semi-austere vulnerability found in his other music. The track concludes with the same refrain found at the beginning, where Miego gives recognition to the southwest, and adequately provides a sense of cohesion with the track’s West Coast style production.

“Up” sees Miego and GeeohhS at their best, and evokes a keen sense of comfort, while sprinkling in a variety of divergent elements that help the track stand out. Miego sounds nonchalant, but his words are robust and potent, and GeeohhS’s production suits him perfectly. At this rate, Miego and GeeohhS have nowhere else to go but up.