Trechor Boy is an artist with a unique sound that comes off as such mostly due to how he crafts every single aspect of his music entirely by himself. Each beat he custom makes and tweaks to precisely what he desires of the sound of a particular track. He is both a talented producer as well as vocalist and the fact that he does everything himself puts him leagues above others because he has the ability to create at any time without relying on anyone else. This artist also made the cover art for the track as well using his skill for graphic design that is recognized and utilized by Minivan Records. Each track he puts his vocals on is different and often in a different style than the one previous that he drops. 

The sentiments up above are no different in his newest track entitled “just leave me alone,” where this artist takes his vulnerable feelings and expresses them in a unique way. This song doesn’t fit one specific genre, and because of this, it makes a listener’s experience all the more unique. A feeling this track elicits in a listener is one of tranquility which should be alarming considering the fact that is describing depressive thoughts. This could be representative of the fact that this feeling is so normalized in the artist’s head that it has a calming quality to it at times. 

Another interesting facet of this track is the switch up of the artist’s flow depending on what lyric is being sung. This adds another nuanced dynamic to this – more complex than it seems superficial – song which is refreshing in this highly saturated platform in which those making music face today. 

This notion is mostly depicted in three distinct statements. For one, the track displays a certain type of nostalgia for the past in the first verse. Two, it discusses with three lines, the fact that depressed people are more likely to rely on social media in order to feel less alone or validated. And finally, it discusses a person’s tendency to isolate and conceal feelings when they are hurting the most. Although the song is less than two minutes, it holds more meaning than a majority of the songs that are dropped via SoundCloud with the artist being intuitive about his feelings.

In conclusion, Trechor Boy once again proves that he is able to create something that is enjoyable to listen to no matter what the themes or sounds he uses are. This is the second solo track that he has released and so far not one song has been a disappointment to the ears. He does a sensational job at being unique enough so that he is discernible from the crowd but also relatable enough that a large audience is willing to listen to it. This is truly an accomplishment on behalf of the artist and the future is bright not only for his solo career as an artist but also as a producer and a graphic artist. In essence, Trechor Boy is someone who can do it all and do it well.