For those who aren’t familiar with you, who are you and what do you do?

I’m yxngxr1, I’m 21 years old. I started making music on my iphone 5C on garageband whilst being supervisor at footlocker and now I’ve got a second project on the way.

Where are you from?

I’m from Cardiff, Wales. 

Have you been at all involved in your local scene? 

Nope, not at all. I always thought that people hearing that I was making music would be embarrassing so I never really told anyone about it until I had a couple of plays. I don’t think I’d fit into the scene around here now anyway.

Have you gotten a lot of love from people in the USA or are most of your fans back home?

The majority are from the U.S and I appreciate everyone who’s listened or is listening to my stuff. It’s so wild when people message from the other side of the world saying they’re listening. I’d love one day to be able to play in every state or city. That would be so amazing. I also like putting music out that people will enjoy so those messages really mean a lot to me. 

You have a very distinct style, is fashion another one of your passions?

I used to work in footlocker so I’d mainly spend all my money on new shoes and clothes every payday. I guess it carried through but I’m not spending anywhere near as much as I would in the footlocker days. Right now i love dickies and sweatshirts with cons or vans or dr martens, like the type of aesthetically pleasing outfits you’d see on the instagram explore page.

Your wardrobe is very vibrant and colorful, who are some of your style influences?

I love how Tyler, the creator dresses. Especially in 2019/2020. I watch a lot of youtube and Magnus Ronning and Sanjiev showed me a comfortable yet fashionable way of dressing, so them too 100%. I hate to admit this too but I have a friend who dresses really well and I basically copy his outfits just a couple of months after he’s worn them or once he’s moved onto a new trend. Sorry Alex. 

You’ve done work modeling for Ronning, is that a consistent thing you do?

I haven’t modelled for Ronning per se [Yxngxr1 has been featured on the brand’s instagram fitted out in the clothing] but that would be amazing to actually get to a studio and do it. His lines are so unique and are definitely worth a look. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me!

How long have you been seriously pursuing music?

I started in 2017 but then got a job so it all slowed down. Once I realised I didn’t want to be in retail I picked it back up again and really put my everything into it.

How did you find this extremely unique, and nostalgic sounding style that you’ve been building on since dropping Tyler?

I’m not exactly sure to be honest. I wanted to make music that I liked. So when I put out the songs and saw people were bumping them it was quite cool. I’ll be bumping Yxngxr1 songs as much as the next person. I don’t really want to grow up either, so writing nostalgic music almost makes me believe i’m not actually ageing. 

Earlier we touched on your fashion influences, who are some of your musical influences?

XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep, Juice Wrld, Dominic Fike and Tyler are definitely the main inspirations behind my music. They’re all so unique and more than just the music too. It’s the type of artist I aspire to be.

Your songs always seem to have creative pop culture references woven into them, have you always been tapped into that kind of media? 

I kinda just write about what I know. Anytime anything happens, it usually gives me a good idea for a song. I spend a lot of my day on my phone so whenever anything happens I usually write it in my notes and go back to it when I’m recording 

Can you touch on anything about your upcoming album?

This new project is definitely something everyone can have a little bop to. Whether you’re on your own, with friends or with your family or whoever, it’s nice just to have a little chill to. I think it’s a good album to play in the summer as well as the wintertime which is always nice and I actually had the most fun writing it as well.

Anything people should be looking forward to from you coming soon?

I don’t suit hats! 8th of March.

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