I got the chance to catch up with NAHreally after a show he organized at the popular venue in Brooklyn known as Muchmore’s. The show featured a live freestyling session facilitated by a surf rock band as well as sets from other local acts including comedians and musicians. An interesting and yet effective combination of talents in this quaint Brooklyn venue. It serves as an almost perfect metaphor for NAHreally as an entertainer. Bringing together these elements of humor, exceptional rapping skill, and taste for the esoteric to make them work in this care-free magical way. He enjoys the process of making his ideas work for him rather than working hard for the idea itself.

Native to the Boston area, he started writing in high school and continued rapping in college. After some time, he admits the drive to pursue rapping in school would ebb and flow. With news that his girlfriend would be moving to New York City, he decided to move as well. The serendipity of the moment was not lost on him. New York would be a far more optimal environment for his music career than Boston. He says, “The call for rap kept inspiring me and then I decided that [performing] would be a great place to start.” Since the move, he’s been making music consistently for the past 3 years.

That consistent behavior has propelled him to some of New York’s most driven talent. He states, “There’s a hunger in NY right now. I work by myself most of the time but being around people like A.Q The G.O.D, Onjrae, A.Charles, and Genique has really made me respect and root for other people.”

He describes two ways of going into a creative field, “one is with humility and the other is super- hot. There are people who do it for love and others doing it for profit.” Neither is wrong from NAHreally’s perspective, but his place as a genuine hip hop fan influences him to walk the humble path. His love for the music is mostly explained (preferably) through the music itself. His ongoing series of projects that he irreverently titles TAPE is now on its 4th installment with a 5th pending. He continues to evolve his sound with every release but what’s more remarkable is his ability to create and leave the idea behind so he can move onto something new. He doesn’t believe his place as an artist is to overthink the product. He’s more willing to put confidence behind his music and lets his fans decide what the music is.   As for the future, NAHreally is focused on the art of what he does more than anything. An album, he says “may or may not be in the near future, but he will [definitely] continue to record.”  He describes his work as existing in the balance between “making the thing for the sake of it and wanting recognition.” Ultimately, he finds it much simpler to just create because “it’s necessary to remind myself that it should be that [simple].” NAHreally’s mindset, in my opinion, is one that more artists of this era should take note of.