RustNic is multi-hyphenated as a model, singer/songwriter, and artist. Recently, she has embraced her affinity to the music that aligns with her upbringing and is dedicated to making it her own. With that, she is able to freely express her artform in the growing community that is rage.

Her start as a recording artist began in 2015 with the song “Good Bitch.” The record itself balances RustNic’s raunchy style raps with an infectious light-hearted beat. She describes, “I wrote [and recorded] the song when I was 19. I held it for a while but when it dropped [in 2019] people instantly gravitated to it.” 

She also has expressed her experience breaking into the Brooklyn rage scene by stating, “The Brooklyn scene seems a bit isolated. More sharing needs to be involved [between artists]. The music scene [as a whole] needs to install more camaraderie.” 

For her, curating open mics and feature events have been the best way to bring people together. Even though these shows present many opportunities for difficulty, she has stayed consistent in her efforts and continues to do the work. 

As artists like her strive to build the artist community with these events, the need for art houses becomes more apparent.

The future holds many things for RustNic — most prominently, a forthcoming EP that she says “will involve a lot of rage and petty rap.”

Rage as a music genre has risen in popularity in the last decade and with RustNic as an active member of the community, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.