Stillframes is yet another elusive artist that prefers to be relatively anonymous on his social media. According to him, social media is a tool that he uses to progress musically, however, if one did not need it in order to build a fanbase and promote the music, he would prefer not to have it at all. 

This is an issue that many artists seem to face, with people having fake online personas and the drama that seems to ensue due to that. When everything online seems to be too much it is perfectly okay to follow Stillframes’ example and unplug for a while. The mental clarity that he must have achieved on his hiatus is clearly evident in his newest track due to the high quality and the mood he can evoke in a listener. 

The track, titled “Lazy Bones,” is an ethereal piece that features production from lilsp00k — a producer whose beats can be listened to as just the instrumental and has just the same enjoyment factor as a track with vocals overlaying the beat. 

That being said, Stillframes does not disappoint with his vocals on the track. This song is easy to listen to because the artist’s voice has calming qualities that enhance the ambience the beat provides. The track is particularly interesting because of the fact that the cadence and the way the vocals sound are a contrast to what his lyrics are about. 

The song sounds both nostalgic and also has a feeling a longing etched into every word that is said. If one failed to look at the track’s lyrics, the true meaning of the song could be easily overlooked because of the fact that nothing is explicitly said. This is what makes this artist stand out in this scene, using metaphors to describe his thoughts and feelings instead of outright saying “I’m depressed and feel like nothing is going right.”

The overarching theme of this song is depression whose symptoms can make a person seem lazy and unmotivated when that isn’t the case at all. Although the lyrics are simple in nature there are so many interpretations and images that they can bring up in the mind that they are also complex at the same time. It sounds like this particular song could be on a film soundtrack. 

In conclusion, this track is a culmination of a heavenly beat created by lilsp00k the producing god and the work of a true artist and vocalist. The emotions that this song is able to evoke as well as the replay value is unparalleled in what has been released so far this year. This is a song that breaks the notion that “emo rap” is all that SoundCloud can produce. The website is a cacophony of every genre and the underground is alive and well if you know where to look.