New York upstart Chow Lee has been bubbling in the underground over the past few months through his consistently impressive singles that showcase his versatility. Taking a dive into his discography, Lee’s expansiveness becomes extremely evident as he demonstrates his musical versatility by dabbling in a number of rap sub-genres that range from prototypical modern styles to classic Bay Area bounce.

In addition, Chow Lee possesses impressive vocal skills that are reflected in tracks like “Ways,” “More XO’s,” and “458” featuring Kodie Shane. Lee glides over these tracks with ease perfectly complimenting production employed by heavyweights like Dee B and DJ Patt. Through his innate talent, Lee is able to delve into a number of genres that will inevitably attract listeners from all spheres. This potential only further cements my reasoning as to why I believe he will have a bright future and a momentous 2020.  

In his latest release “Slayer,” Lee takes a stab at the popular Brooklyn Drill aesthetic as he incorporates his vocal prowess within an archetypal “BD” flow that translates into an ultimate banger. Whilst adopting the aforementioned Brookyln Drill flow, Lee imprints his own unique to the aesthetic that will allow him to differentiate himself within the sub-genre that is birthing new artists everyday. Nonetheless, it is great to see Lee delve into the Drill scene in NY as he shows appreciation for his hometown in New York. 

Regarding the track’s subject matter, Chow Lee details his extensive escapades with his roster of female acquaintances, but emphasizes his freedom in only “wifing her for the week.” Lee’s bravado is on full display and it only further inspires listeners to flex up in their respective lives.