2020 has been very good to Hvmmer thus far. His first single of the year entitled “Pandora’s Boxxx” was extremely well-received, and served as another example of his undeniable chemistry with Atlanta based producer XZ. “Catch Me If U Can” makes this chemistry even more abundantly clear, and shows Hvmmer fluidly riffing over a bouncy trap beat with vindictive undertones. XZ’s unique approach to drum programming brings the best out of Hvmmer, and perfectly tows the line between trap minimalism and percussive creativity. 

The track begins with a brief, melodic 8 bar loop. The lead melody is meticulously layered, seamlessly balancing a low-mid synth arpeggio with a two note base melody. At the drop, a muddy, trunk-rattling 808 enters the mix, coupled with a slick hat pattern and snappy clap. 

Following 8 bars of vocal riffing, Hvmmer begins his verse by following the track’s lead melody in a self-assured, autotuned cadence. He then switches his flow as a variety of new percussive elements enter the mix, including a punchy kick, subtle rim shot, and incisive snare rolls. His new flow places a large emphasis on the final syllable of each bar, and provides a sense of consistency and structure amidst a symphony of percussion. 

With regards to lyrics, Hvmmer touches base with some previous motifs, including financial ambition and escapism, but with a slightly assertive edge. This is especially evident when he says:

I just spent some change on some things you ain’t got // How you say you goin’ harder? You ain’t take my spot // I walked in the mall and I started spending guap // And I know why you hatin’, you just mad that you ain’t pop 

This is a deviation from Hvmmer’s typical lyrical approach, and exchanges feelings of despair and vulnerability for a sense of equanimous debonair. 

On previous efforts, Hvmmer sounded as though he was trying to catch up to others, utilizing his envy as a catalyst for vulnerable trap-flavored ballads. But on, “Catch Me If U Can,” Hvmmer is more poised, and seems to be reclaiming control of his life and inclinations. His nonchalance exudes an unparalleled sense of comfort, and reveals that he and XZ are a force to be reckoned with for the near future.