The wide-ranging sonic pallet that artists in the “boysnightsout” collective foster in both their vocal deliveries and instrumental components consistently make for ethereal and atmospheric tracks and projects alike. This pallet is so often made up of boisterous and silky synth passages that fall ever so perfectly under autotune-shrouded vocal performances. 

To say that nearly every d1v song aligns with this mantle at an extremely high degree would be almost too obvious, but it is an essential part of what goes into his sound as it continues to develop into one of the most unique styles in the underground right now. 

The only way for this particular style to avoid any sense of redundancy is to keep adding nuanced facets and progressive elements that solidify its place as more than just a flash in the pan, and d1v has proven that he can accomplish this with every single he releases. Following suit, his newest single “Pieces” exemplifies this fact yet again. 

The single in question takes the aforementioned atmospheric and glistening tones that he and the rest of BNO have come to practically own at this point and takes yet another new turn with its showcasing. The lens in which this track is presented is one of pure drama and thematics at their fullest display, making for one of the most powerful and telling tracks in d1v’s catalog.

The track garners such a title based on its basic compositional elements alone; the lead synths create a backing track that is as tense as it is wavering and celestial, all while d1v’s voice mixes in and out of the instrumental’s grasp.

D1v’s vocals work in perfect accompaniment with that very instrumental, as they match its essence of drama in such an ideal fashion. The way in which he effortlessly lulls over the beat with an equal amount of passion is unmistakably remarkable given the conflicting performance that could result from a description in that liking. He has proven time and time again that with the right amount of musicianship and dedication to his own craft, that it is possible to come off as immensely eloquent while still keeping a mellow demeanor. 

“Pieces” functions not only as a moving track on its own, but one that sets a mark for things to come down the line for d1v and his vision — a vision that is becoming more and more clear with each proceeding single that is released. Progressive artists such as himself do not often lend a sense of direction to their audience until their conclusive end product becomes just that, but with this approach of inching forward towards that end product with a flurry of singles, he is making it known that he and BNO as a whole are tackling the potential of underground stardom in their own way.