It is no secret at this point that the Carolinas are home to some of the most diverse and talented groups of talent in the country. While the endless scores of artists within the SoundCloud scene that make amazingly eclectic music all across the spectrum, it cannot be understated how prolific the street scene is within both North and South Carolina. This phenomenon is even more significant when looking at the monumental amount of success DaBaby and his Billion Dollar Baby cohorts had this past year. 

Whilst artists like Toosii and Stunna 4 Vegas are continuing the streak of success that DaBaby sparked, there are so many other artists hailing from the Carolinas that are poised for national exposure. One particular artist by the name of Coach Cooley is at the helm of the scene and applies pressure with the release of his new video for standout track “Tic Tac Toe.”

The video was directed and edited by Savani Productions – who shot many of Dababy and Stunna’s videos prior to fame – with production being handled by the one and only WhoIsMunchy as well as DiamondLabCo. 

Through its approximate two minute run time, Cooley’s voice grabs the listener and imbues a sense of authenticity that only few artists possess. DiamondLab’s production is in perfect alignment with Cooley as he glides over the beat flawlessly through his impressive vocal ranges. 

While listeners might be lost within the catchy melodies of the track, Cooley’s lyrical prowess could potentially go under the radar. While his subject matter speaks of pain and loss, “Tic Tac Toe” is undeniably inspirational as it pushes listeners to persevere and overcome any obstacles in the way.