iNART has kicked off the year in an impressive fashion with his newest track “Problems.” The track highlights issues he has faced as a Nigerian man along with his telling thoughts on other various political issues. While still being a soft offering in nature, these themes weave in an underlying layer of nuance unmatched by anything featured at this level thus far this year.

The song starts off with a slow lo-fi beat leading onto the vocals having a catchy sound throughout its entire runtime. The beat itself has the capacity to fully entrance the listener on its own, but given iNart’s all-too-decadent delivery, listeners will undoubtedly be equally attentive to his vocals in the process.

Crafting specific lyrics about the seemingly endless accounts of police brutality, he captures a visceral feeling in full while explaining something as significant as a topic like this, all while keeping an upbeat sonic tone.

iNART is starting the year right by bringing in a profound sound and a captivating style to with his music. Naive listeners would be sorry to miss out on the rest of what Nigerian artist has in store for this year.