Known for his unique cadence and great ear for production, Angelus returns with “X” — an uptempo banger of an offering. 

Produced by Rio Leyva, Jenry, and Tommi Oslo, the track features a series of distorted, trunk-rattling 808’s, a smooth bell pattern, and subtle percussion. 

Angelus fluidly alternates between flows throughout the track and utilizes syncopation to enhance his countermelodies. Although brief, the infectious refrain and nimble flows cadence the track out and provide a strong sense of plentitude.

The track begins with the sound of a car racing off, accompanied by the main melody, and an array of producer tags. At the drop, a barrage of heavy-handed 808s enter the mix, which – despite their weight – perfectly contrast with Angelus’ higher-pitched cadence. Angelus remains as confident as ever throughout the entire track, delivering charismatic bars detailing a life of glamour and ostentation. These aspects are evident in such excerpts like: 

Unlock my iPhone with face recognition // Make a deposit, counting up additions // I’m at the top and they fiend for my position // I’m with the clique I don’t fuck with opposition

The rest of the track’s lyrics follow this theme and are consistently entertaining, but Angelus’s flows truly supersede his lyrical content. For the second half of the refrain, he switches to an extremely dynamic and unique flow, fitting his vocals into every single melodic pocket. This flow makes his voice sound analogous to an instrument and showcases his one-of-a-kind timbre in a technically impressive fashion. It is hard to think that anybody else could pull off this flow with the same clarity, confidence, and fluidity as Angelus.

Despite its brevity, “X” is a well-rounded and dignified trap banger. Its beat is simple yet calculated, suiting Angelus’s vocal tone and cadence perfectly. His performance is incomparable, making use of a variety of distinct flows and memorable lines. He puts his vocal capabilities on full display and maintains self-assured control throughout. One can only hope for more songs from him in the near future, as “X” makes it evident that he has the X-factor.