Rocky Snyda’s first official release is here. Snyda has made a steady effort throughout the past 3 years as a host, curator, and performer in New York’s most premier venues including a recent feature at the Brooklyn Bowl. The culmination of those telling years of work have now been delivered to us in the form of a new single, “Anti.”

The record starts with a spacey warbled sample and gives the impression that this might be more of a tame record. Then percussion enters and the energy of the song is truly defined once Snyda’s voice hits the mic.

She is unapologetic about delivering unpopular opinions and messaging on this one, almost like a celebration of the non-conformist. “Anti-human, antidote, anti-fascist…” it feels genuine and has the influence of rage culture in its DNA. It is equally hype and balanced at the same time. This can be more of an acquired taste for an audience who isn’t used to this palette of sounds.

The song is filled with interesting flow changes and annunciations reminiscent of personalities Missy Elliot. All the while, Rocky never gets lost and her essence remains in the performative aspect of the song. The hook gives a live audience the chance to participate in the energy as well.

The track is just under 3 and a half minutes long, which in the age of consistent 1-2 minute offerings is saying something. It is an earnest effort to deliver content with substance. Rocky Snyda continues her journey towards recording her first EP. “Anti” is an insight as to what music we can expect from the rising renaissance of Brooklyn that is consistently shedding light on new talent.