Chicago’s own HateSonny has a knack for enthralling an audience. Through a combination of bold energy, well-crafted storytelling, and aggressive instrumental choice and lyrics, HateSonny listeners are groomed to expect nothing less than an absolutely stellar experience in the artist’s medium of choice. In this particular case, Sonny’s newest music video installment for hit the hit single “Wizard Kelly” is yet another experience for the viewer as the audience sees Sonny flaunting around balloons, mannequins, and confetti.

Much like The Proud Family, the “Wizard Kelly” video has attachments to childlike wonder both in name and execution. Director Jason Yaccino inserts Sonny into the middle of frames that are rife with whimsical color and props– like Sonny gleefully riding around on a clothing rack. Several scenes depict Sonny either brandishing or interacting with bright pink-colored props; Balloons intermittently meander around the scene, a sizable rain of confetti pouring down upon Sonny, and an eye-catching pink mask/du-rag combo. 

Another fascinating piece of decor that floats around the video is the recurring mannequin torso. Not only is the unique piece one of spectacle for the eye, but it’s compelling in the way that it straddles the line between dissonance and absolute harmony with the song itself.  

While the “Wizard Kelly” video resembles the show its titular counterpart is tied to thanks to the aesthetics and direction of the video, the “Wizard Kelly” track is much more somber and mature; the track encapsulates the pursuit for wealth, as well as the sense of introversion and self-reliance. The fragmentation of the mannequin torso, by accident or not, could be seen as a telling reflection of transitioning from adolescence while developing a sense for grandeur and distaste for the status quo. 

Whether a meditation on age and greed or a visually stimulating piece of work for a wonderfully compelling song, the “Wizard “Kelly” music video does not miss. HateSonny makes life vivid and cinematic, and Jason Yaccino succeeds in reinforcing the lyrical talent of Sonny in a video format.  

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